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Growing up and growing old: New Years Eve as a 30-year-old

I got an email from my buddy Anne on Tuesday night. “What time do you get off work tomorrow night?” “Five ‘o clock,” I said. “Just come over anytime after that.” “Will that give you enough time to get pretty?” Suddenly it hit me – I’ve grown old and I’ve grown frumpy. Just a few years ago, I remember buying a beautiful shirt from Lane Bryant – it was a cranberry colored shirt, silky material, kind of baby-doll cut with … Continue reading

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Party like a rock star!

Man – I shouldn’t even link to this particular article because it is just so darn laughable. But what do I expect from People Magazine? They are the ones who shell out millions of dollars for pictures of the celeb baby du jour? (And yes, I’m a sucker for the gossip – between my buddy Anne’s subscription and the updates I check online, I probably read People daily.) Anyway – when I saw an article promising that people could party … Continue reading

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Good food on the cheap

Beyond my coupon cutting strategies and my recent foray into the world of buying coupons from eBay, I rely on the World Wide Web to help me find good food on the cheap. For the past six months or so, a couple of my email subscriptions has been to my favorite grocery stores so I am alerted via email what their weekly specials are. Looking at the PDFs of weekly ads over my lunch break is more convenient for me … Continue reading

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The only way to live …

… is to be true to one’s self. That was the basic gist of a post from Marc and Angel Hack Life. I’m not sure where I found this particular site, but its one of the few subscriptions to a web site that I have that isn’t finance/debt-related or a food blog. This one particularly struck me in light of my recent grappling with the “two-year itch” . I have been lucky that my jobs have corresponded with what I … Continue reading

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A Great Deal at Target

So I went to Target today because I needed some groceries for a casserole I’m cooking tonight (Future Husband is with his family, I returned home early to work this weekend at the cab company, so I’m making sauerkraut casserole. For some odd reason, he refuses to try it. … :)) While I was at Target, I ended up perusing after-Christmas specials and found a great deal on those reusable “green” bags. They had a special holiday one made for … Continue reading

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A Holiday Recap

$18 and some change for a Hillary Clinton nutcracker for my very liberal uncle … $20 for a random gift for my ex-sister-in-law (she does a good job raising my nephew J and deserves sainthood more than the random stuff I got her) … $12 spent on Bob Dylan’s autobiography for my dad who brought me to a Dylan concert in November … Singing Radiohead’s “Creep” and having my nephew J marvel at my mad skills on Rock Band II … Continue reading

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Little changes equal big savings

As part of my frugal journey, I’m always looking for tips to cut costs in unexpected/obvious places. Wise Bread had an article called “Waste Not Want Not,” talking about the little changes that a person could make to save extra bucks here or there. What’s interesting about the tips they suggest is that they aren’t some of those broad changes that people suggest when it comes to cutting costs (i.e. – kicking a Chinese take-out addiction to the curb or … Continue reading

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I am not doing too bad, if I do say so myself

You have to love a financial article that has this tagline: “You’ve got the job, the spouse, maybe a child. Now it’s time to grow up.” Yes, this article comes from my beloved MSN and it’s 6 financial milestones to hit before you turn 30. I’ve been 30 since the end of July, but I wanted to see how I match up to the suggestions of the article and I’ve gotta say … I’m not doing too bad. The first … Continue reading

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Do you moonlight?

One of my favorite Scrubs episodes was when Dr. Kelso put the kibosh on any of his employees moonlighting at other jobs while they were under his employ. Of course, Elliot and Carla end up getting caught by Dr. Kelso while they’re doing a side job at a local vet’s office, but I remember watching that episode and feeling that I am and have been in similar situations. As some of you know, I work two jobs. Well, make that … Continue reading

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A good weekend

Quentin Tarantino once uttered this quote during the course of an interview he did when he was a somewhat unknown director who was schilling his movie “Pulp Fiction.” Loosely paraphrased: “If you run in the fast lane, you may run last, but you will run fast.” I had this cut out and pasted onto a folder that I took with me to college and I’m not sure what originally attracted me to that quote, but to be honest – in … Continue reading

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