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Staying warm on the cheap

My husband and I keep our thermostat set in the low 60s. Since it’s just us, we figure that we can wear layers of clothing around the house if necessary and if we have company, we’ll inch the thermostat up for their comfort, but we try to keep our heating costs down. So what do we do when our main family room (which also happens to be our basement) seems a bit on the chilly side? I wouldn’t say it … Continue reading

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What people will do for health insurance …

Before my husband and I were married, he went without health insurance for seven months. He had switched jobs the summer before we got married and although it was anticipation of greater things (more chance of advancement, higher pay, a more stable future, less office politics), it was a temporary to permanent thing that didn’t have benefits attached while my then fiance was in “temporary” status. At one point prior to this insurance-less limbo, I voiced my fears that after … Continue reading

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Some of the best gifts in life aren’t things …

Whatever you celebrate, however you celebrate, etc., I hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday season. My husband and I actually braved the roads to get down to my folks’ house in Iowa and made it without trouble. The only mishap – if you would call it that – is that I didn’t finish Christmas shopping before I went to my folks’ house. Which meant going to Walmart on Christmas Eve. And gift cards for my nephews … … Continue reading

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Sleighbells ring …

Thank you to everyone who chimed in with gift ideas for my nephews. I got some INCREDIBLE ideas and to be honest, I haven’t gone shopping yet to actually buy their gifts. Yes, I know that time is getting short, I also know that I might be stuck in Minnesota for part of my family’s festivities due to a massive snow storm that’s coming in. As much as I’m worried that I might not make it home for Christmas Eve, … Continue reading

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Presents pressure begins to build

When it comes to gifts, most people in my family are extremely easy. My dad is sometimes a challenge, but he’s also a farmer – warm clothes are always appreciated by those folks who brave the cold winter wind. My mom? Simple … My husband? Sometimes a challenge, but so far I’ve been awesome at picking out gifts for him – it’s only a matter of listening and keeping my eyes open for the obscure at times. But with 9 … Continue reading

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Have a Happy Homemade Christmas

I have very fond memories of my great-grandma. My grandma – her name was Florence … there are not enough Florences in this world – she was tiny, but I swear that her smile was as warm as the sun and that she had enough love in her heart to care for an entire platoon of people. Those of us who got to know her and were loved by her were truly lucky. One thing that I am exceedingly proud … Continue reading

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Wondering if this would work …

My aunt sent me an email forward today and out of the dozen or so photos, I got a pretty good chuckle – but this one made me wonder … could this actually work? And if so, why didn’t I do that this summer? The title of the email was “There, I Fixed It.” *~*~*~*~*~*~ I have a list of blog ideas and some free time coming up – in case I don’t get logged on before Thanksgiving – I … Continue reading

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Too good to be true? It probably is

My husband has a pretty intense hatred of commercials. If he is away from his television with the Tivo attached (I brought a cat to our marriage, he brought an entire Tivo), his hand is clutching the remote and flipping through channels at an impressive speed. At first, it annoyed me, but it’s a quirk that I’ve gotten used to. (Just like he’s gotten used to me leaving my shoes in the most inconvenient spots possible in our household – … Continue reading

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The cost of keeping a pet

When the Cat and I got together – that was August 2001 – he was something of a bargain basement deal. I paid my neighbors $15 and got a six-month old kitten, some litter and half a bag of cat food. I had a revelation once about my cat – I acquired him at one of the loneliest times of my life. It sounds kind of dumb, but when I was living totally alone, I wasn’t accountable to anyone. I … Continue reading

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Where My Money Goes

Looking at my spending report, I feel compelled to post a sign on my blog that warns people before they come any closer to reading the words I write about my debt reduction journey: This blog is written by a woman who is TERRIBLE with her money! Here’s the lowdown and dirty … I average $150 a month in gas for my vehicle (this is probably going to go up since I’ve taken over the Tank). Everything else is pretty … Continue reading

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