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What won’t you cut out of your budget?

I’ve been on a minimalism kick lately. You wouldn’t know that to look around my home office, or my home in general, but really – I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about minimalism. Maybe the key word in that last sentiment is “thinking.” Faith Janes posted a piece recently that talks about “Experiments in Simplicity.” Let’s face it – it’s not going to take a single weekend to declutter over four years worth of stuff. (And that’s only the … Continue reading

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Dear Me …

The Guardian recently posted an article called “Dear Me: Celebrity Letters to Their Younger Selves.” It was an adorable read with letters ranging from one of my childhood heroes (Stephen King) to amazing actors such as Gene Hackman. Given the professional accomplishments of these celebrities, it was a hoot to read what they had to say to their younger selves … what pitfalls to avoid and mostly, to remain kind to themselves. This past weekend, my husband and I went … Continue reading

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Eating on $30 a week …

If there is one thing that has struck me through my financial journey, it is that I need to be more mindful about what is spent for our household’s groceries. With that in mind, it is no wonder that this article on CNN struck my eye – especially its question: “Could you eat on $30 a week?” The premise, of course, is that families on food stamps have about $30 a week to feed their families. It is quite the … Continue reading

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My reading roundup

Technically, there are still some days left of summer, but on this September day (even with 80 degree weather), I can feel fall in the air and I’m happy to greet it, because … well. Fall means blue jeans, crockpots of soup, crisp weather, my favorite sweater, quilts and even MORE coffee. Fall also means a bit of slowing down for me … during the summer, my husband and I spend a lot of weekends traveling to see friends and … Continue reading

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What you can buy for under a buck?

I was perusing the blogosphere this morning and came across this article from called “What Can You Buy for $1 These Days?” I had to snicker to myself, because I was one of the thousands who had snarled up recently when I downloaded Lady Gaga’s latest album for 99 cents. The easy answer is that you can’t buy a lot of under a buck these days. And as my father will tell you, even the dollar menu at … Continue reading

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Saving money on groceries

I know I’ve written ad nauseum about this topic in the past, but let’s face it … with gas prices reaching to nearly $4 a gallon, everyone is looking at various ways to save some pennies … wherever they can find them. For my husband and I – and it’s likely easier for us because we’re a duo and not a family with children – whenever we need to save some money, the first place that we can look is … Continue reading

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Weekly Article Roundup

Happy Sunday and Happy Easter to those who celebrate this holiday. Here’s some of the articles that have caught my interest as I’ve been perusing the Interwebs lately … Choosing the Best Credit Card – Wait a second … I keep preaching about the EVILS of credit cards (at least when they are in my hands), why did I read and why am I recommending an article about finding the best credit card? Well, this article had interesting food for … Continue reading

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Feeling the travel itch

My husband and I took a road trip last night up to the Twin Cities. Our trip translated to about 2 1/2 hours in a car and usually when we have this sort of time together we have no problem running out of conversation. (“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: Of shoes – and ships – and sealing-wax – Of cabbages – and kings …”) Many times, our road trips revolve around the question … Continue reading

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Weekly Article Roundup

Good morning – I’m doing my interweb perusing for a Sunday morning and came across some good little nuggets to share with all of you. This article is from the New York Times and is a profile of sorts on a personal organizer for the extraordinarily wealthy. (This line is a particular cue that I would never hire this woman … “It is hard enough opening your underwear drawer to someone without having them gasp at the price of the … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! And a book giveaway

I don’t know if this is a sign of the times or if I’m getting older, smarter or what, but last year’s ball drop wasn’t witnessed by my husband or I. I was sitting in bed going through a mountain of magazines, clipping out what I wanted to keep and pitching the rest, while my husband was downstairs in the basement, playing a computer game. We were both drinking water, because we were slightly dehydrated … from the multiple pots … Continue reading

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