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Every once in awhile, the dearth of common sense makes me want to bash my head against immobile objects. Like walls, my desk, doors … you get the picture. Today’s “duh” moment came courtesy of a blog that I read on a regular basis – it belongs to Chef Marcus Samuelsson – one of the best things to come out of Sweden, after Alexander Skarsgard, his father and Ikea. One of today’s topics is how the USDA is taking on … Continue reading

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Spare me the madness …

I was running errands today when I heard a news story on the radio talking about how retailers are going to up the ante when it comes to slashing prices for Black Friday. Given my propensity to try to sleep in as often as possible and how much I hate crowds in general, I think I puked a little bit in my mouth when I heard the newscaster chirping about Walmart will be looking at Target’s prices and coming in … Continue reading

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Kids’ questions about money

First off … the disclaimer: I don’t have kids, unless you count that four-legged beast of a cat who thinks that he is human. So I’m just throwing this out there because this recent column in the New York Times spurred a pretty decent amount of debate and conversation between readers and the post’s author. Ron Lieber writes a column for the New York Times called “Your Money.” Recently, he posted an item “Kids’ Money Questions: Why Don’t We Have … Continue reading

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Sometimes telling off the boss is a good thing

I should preface this piece by saying that I have only told off two of my employers in my 10-year history of working … wait, that’s actually three times although I don’t think the first time really counts because I got all teary while doing it. While I feel like I have a strong personality, I still realize that there are certain people who a) sign my paycheck and that there are certain situations where you b) you have to … Continue reading

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What people will do for health insurance …

Before my husband and I were married, he went without health insurance for seven months. He had switched jobs the summer before we got married and although it was anticipation of greater things (more chance of advancement, higher pay, a more stable future, less office politics), it was a temporary to permanent thing that didn’t have benefits attached while my then fiance was in “temporary” status. At one point prior to this insurance-less limbo, I voiced my fears that after … Continue reading

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Why Don’t I Work Here?

I was taking a mental health break today at work when I saw this article from the New York Times entitled “Cuts Meet a Culture of Spending at Condé Nast.” I love magazines – back when money wasn’t an option, I subscribed to several of them. Nowadays, I can barely read the ones that I have gifted to me! But my jaw dropped when I read this line that followed a reference to an upcoming party that GQ magazine is … Continue reading

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Crockpot Chicken Stock

No, you haven’t accidentally stumbled upon a cooking blog. I found this recipe the other day and it was so easy that I felt compelled to share with all of you. I’ve been looking for a good chicken stock recipe for awhile. When I cook rice, I like to cook it in chicken stock or broth and since rice is something of a staple in our household, it gets pricy to buy it off of the shelves. So I buy … Continue reading

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Weighing in on seat infringement

I took a red-eye flight once from Las Vegas to Milwaukee – a friend of mine had gotten married in Sin City and I had never been to Vegas. Tickets were cheap and I paid for them with cash. (I had just started breaking the credit card habit …) I had no clue that the red-eye would be as full as it was. I had a window seat if memory serves, but the woman between me and the aisle seat … Continue reading

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Because you really wanted to know …

Beks posted this over at Financial Hack and because I’m a sucker for these sorts of things, I’m making you suffer. If you feel inclined to post it on your blogs, leave me a comment so I can learn more about you all! 1. Do you like Bleu Cheese? Plain, on salads, in sandwiches … oh how I love bleu cheese. 2. Have you ever been drunk? I cannot tell a lie, so I will plead the Fifth. 3. Do … Continue reading

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Wading in on the Octomom controversy

I was just content to observe all of the hoopla surrounding Nadya “Octomom” Suleman and reserve my thoughts … but then Joy Behar was guesting (that’s guest hosting, I guess) for Larry King Live and got the Duggar family to weigh in on the Octomom controversy. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Duggar family, they are a family of 20 who live in Arkansas. Their philosophy is that if it’s God’s will to have another kid, they’ll … Continue reading

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