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Thinking about consignment …

The battle against STUFF continues in my household. Today, the war is being raged on my closet. And as I look through my clothes and relive the stories that are associated with most of the items, I am once again confronted by a truth: Damn, I have a lot of clothes. And I fall into that majority of the population who has a huge, overstuffed closet but wear only 10% of the items, 99% of the time. Now don’t get … Continue reading

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What won’t you cut out of your budget?

I’ve been on a minimalism kick lately. You wouldn’t know that to look around my home office, or my home in general, but really – I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about minimalism. Maybe the key word in that last sentiment is “thinking.” Faith Janes posted a piece recently that talks about “Experiments in Simplicity.” Let’s face it – it’s not going to take a single weekend to declutter over four years worth of stuff. (And that’s only the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on minimalism

I am not a minimalist. For those who know me personally, who have visited my house or have seen the interior of my car (two jackets, favorite sweater, pair of jeans, a bag full of shoes destined for the Goodwill and a broken personal scale) … you likely think that my interest in minimalism is a little bit … hmmm, ironic? But minimalism has been on my mind a lot lately. That’s been partly influenced by the recent purchase of … Continue reading

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The power of DIY

My husband and I are having some unexpected company this evening. And I’m out of toilet bowl cleaner. Under normal circumstances, the two situations wouldn’t be mutually exclusive, but it’s been awhile since I’ve scrubbed said bowl and decided that this is a perfect excuse to do a Google search on “How to make your own toilet bowl cleaner.” Because that’s something that I’ve wanted to do … phase out commercial/conventional cleaners in favor of greener alternatives (that don’t cost … Continue reading

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Get Rid of Your Stuff Day!

It always amazes me what “day” it is … I’m talking about more than just the standard Sunday through Saturday thing, I’m talking about the DAYS. There are TWO ice cream appreciation days – one in July and one in December. International Beer Day is August 5th. I think if there was ever something that you liked to do or something that was appreciated by society, someone, somewhere slapped a name on it and called it a “day.” One day … Continue reading

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The “Everything is Free” Garage Sale

As I gear up to work from home in the near future, I’ve been turning my attention to turning a spare bedroom into an office space for myself. Luckily for my husband and I, we’ve always referred to it as “an office,” but since I will legitimately work from home, this gives me an excuse to paint the walls and jettison the bed that is in there. In the interest of living more minimalistic lives we want to get rid … Continue reading

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Defending my choices

Ever since my friend and coworker Greg got this crazy idea to buy hens so he could sell free range eggs to his coworkers, I’ve been shelling out $2 a dozen to buy “Greg’s Eggs.” When I’m eating an egg a day (usually on workday mornings), a dozen usually lasts me about a couple of weeks – give or take what I’m doing for baking. And given that the $2 is on par with what organic eggs are at my … Continue reading

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Meditating on Minimalism

I found this post recently from Becoming Minimalist. I wish I could tell you that I read all of these quotes slowly and tried to savor every nugget of wisdom that I read. But as I was reading these quotes, my mind started to wander to all of the places in my house that needed to be decluttered and I once again found myself wondering if I will ever acheive minimalism.

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Read this blog …

I have previously mentioned the writer’s group that I had joined during the month of March. It was only a four-week commitment, but it was a great chance to get to know some other writers in my community and to do something that I rarely do: Actually read my work to other people. Beyond the blogging world, which I am mightily fond of, I like to dabble in fiction. I don’t know that I’m any good at it, but I … Continue reading

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Weird Frugal Thing: Reusing freezer/sandwich bags

First and foremost – I need to reduce my carbon footprint. So the fact that I regularly use Ziploc or other freezer bags at all is not the best thing that I can do for the environment. But I really like Ziploc bags and I use them to bag and freeze my homemade stock, for lunches, to save vegetable scraps, etc., so I rinse and reuse Ziploc bags until they are ready to be pitched. Here are some good blog … Continue reading

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