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A lot of “stuff”

… Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was played live for the first time 20 years ago. I feel old when I remember what an impact that album had on my junior high days. For once, the “cool kids” were behind while the rest of us nerds swapped homedubbed cassettes of “Nevermind.” … Last night one of my best friends and I went to see Willie Nelson in concert. Even at 77, Willie Nelson is one of the most magnetic and … Continue reading

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Wishing everyone good things …

This night is a particularly good one … it’s a Wednesday that feels like a Friday. As we are wont to do on nights when we don’t have to get up early for work in the morning, my husband (or I) brew a pot of coffee and we sit in front of our computers, catching up on emails (me), playing computer games (him), chattering about things – usually picking on each other about one thing or another. Our lives are … Continue reading

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Leaps of Faith

Before you automatically close this post and think “oh, I’ve read her whining before,” I need to amend what I’m going to say with this: All of my angst is better this time around. Or at least, the problems that I find myself in this time are manageable. And – dare I say? – able to be fixed. Work has been rough lately. The kind of rough that seems to settle right into my face and makes me feel like … Continue reading

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How to deal with toxic co-workers

Here’s a really weird blanket statement – barring that one red-eye flight I took from Las Vegas in my 20s, I haven’t really encountered any mean people since my freshman year of college. You know the kind of person that I’m talking about – it doesn’t matter if you kill them with kindness or give them a wide berth, they’ll find someway to piss in your Cheerios. I have been pretty lucky up until this point – I’ve watched other … Continue reading

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Fighting off debt collectors … and why this infuriates me

I have a secret to share with you … and it was something I didn’t share with you all before because … well, I have no good reason why – but here it is: Prior to my current job, I worked at a debt collection agency. Yup – I’m going to let the irony sink in for all of you guys. Me with the bad credit score and the former expertise of ducking bill collectors worked for the enemy. Sure, … Continue reading

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Time on my hands …

You would think that after a couple weeks of non-blog activity, that I’ve been buried in work or whisked away by aliens. I can assure you that neither has happened, but this is what’s been happening … I am living something of a “normal” life. The new job … oh man – words cannot describe. Every once in awhile, I feel this very cheesy grin spread across my face as I realize how much I’m enjoying myself and there are … Continue reading

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For your reading pleasure

It’s one of my weekends off from the cab company and I have been enjoying it to its fullest. Yesterday my hubby and I spent most of the morning cleaning since we were having friends over that afternoon … even though it’s a pain at the time, it’s nice to only have to pick up this morning and not feel guilty about sitting around and blogging instead of being upstairs and cleaning. My Saturday night consisted of a movie with … Continue reading

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How do you organize coupons?

I am an avowed consumer of generic and store-brands when it comes to my grocery shopping, however there are some things we don’t skimp on – my husband loves Jif peanut butter and in my forays into freezing leftovers, I have found that nothing works better than Ziploc bags. So the other day I found a 50-cent coupon off of Ziploc and realized that I had another 75-cent one lying around somewhere and while that’s all well and good, I … Continue reading

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Spring is in the air!

Today is a gloomy day here in Minnesota, but I cannot complain because the light and intermittent rain that has been falling over the past few days is washing away our snow. Sure, the grass underneath is dead and our yard is going to turn into a muddy mess, but I am optimistic thinking of future days of sunshine and warmth. Today is the last day of my unofficial vacation – I’ve been spending time trying to organize the office … Continue reading

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Leaps of Faith and My Abbreviated Vacation from Employment

I figure the best way to do this is to be truthful … you know how I’ve been talking about my job search and all that fun stuff? Well, the reality of my life is this: My last day of my former full-time job was last Friday. I took a leap of faith gave my three-week notice shortly before Valentine’s Day and intended to do some freelance work writing grants while picking up more hours at the cab company to … Continue reading

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