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Unusual Ways Your Credit Score Matters

By David Treehouse There is a reason why people want a good credit score. Most people realize that a good credit score will allow them to obtain credit cards with better interest rates than when they have a lower credit score. They also know that when they are looking for home loans or car loans, they will qualify for better interest rates if they have a better credit score. These reasons alone make it important for most people to keep … Continue reading

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Know what month this is?

April will be my future wedding anniversary date, it marks the birthday of my youngest nephew Joe (who lived for the first two years of his life with the unfortunate moniker of “Pork”) and my cousin Kelly’s birthday. Now that I’ve regaled you with all of the dates that I will soon forget (maybe not the wedding anniversary one, but give it a few years), April has another significance to it in the financial world … there are no Hallmark … Continue reading

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Memories of who I used to be

A few weeks back I decided to buy a new pair of black pants for work. I found a pair that was on sale ($7), but when I went to another store, I found a different pair that fit better, were also on sale and were just a better deal all around. On Monday I returned the pair I had decided to return and while the clerk was processing my returned item, I found myself shoulder-to-shoulder with another woman who … Continue reading

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The Importance of Credit Cards, Part II

First and foremost, thank you for all of your comments concerning your feelings about credit cards – apparently, I touched on a topic that’s near and dear to many of you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I was sitting at my full-time job Thursday when Future Husband emailed me. Subject: CC? “You should email that buddy of yours about the credit cards – not brother carl, the banker guy.” Everyone needs a go-to person for financial questions. For me, … Continue reading

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The importance of credit cards?

My dear friend Melanie weighed in on the last post I wrote about how the economy is reviving a “fix-it” nation. And Mel asked a good question – the gist was that she found a pair of shoes at Sears on clearance for $20. The checkout person pitched Mel additional savings by opening up a Sears card and Mel was able to pay cash for the shoes. “… As we left I explained to my husband that I always apply … Continue reading

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I am not doing too bad, if I do say so myself

You have to love a financial article that has this tagline: “You’ve got the job, the spouse, maybe a child. Now it’s time to grow up.” Yes, this article comes from my beloved MSN and it’s 6 financial milestones to hit before you turn 30. I’ve been 30 since the end of July, but I wanted to see how I match up to the suggestions of the article and I’ve gotta say … I’m not doing too bad. The first … Continue reading

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Adventures in debt

I have a lot of debt to tackle myself. Can you elaborate on the debt management program you completed? I am interested to hear about it. I got this question from Funny Honey the other day and thought that I would do my best to answer: Like I said before, most of my credit card debt accrued during my last year of college and the years immediately following. I honestly don’t think that I bought anything worthwhile with my credit … Continue reading

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I’m In Debt – Introduction

I have to be honest – shortly after I decided to write about my debt – I had a moment of panic. Was I really cut out for this kind of thing? I’ve been reading debt reduction and other financial blogs for the past year. I’ve also read books like Dave Ramsey’s “Your Money or Your Life” and Amy Dacyczyn’s “Tightwad Gazette” so I know that I’m doing the “right thing” when it comes to reducing my personal debt: I … Continue reading

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