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Car Insurance in South Africa

Every person owning a car would be familiar with the process of hunting for the right kind of insurance coverage for his car. After all, car is one of the most expensive possessions and its regular usage makes it even more important to get the right cover for your car. Insurance cover is taken so that all the risks related to the car are transferred to the insurer and the insured does not have to worry a bit about any … Continue reading

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Insurance Savings for Not-for-Profit Members

When you’re digging your way out of debt, there are, essentially, only two variables to consider; increasing your income and decreasing your spending. If you’ve already made moves to try to do one or both of these things, you’ll already be aware of just how much the really small things can help get you on the right side of the debt tipping point. Charles Dickens expressed this best in his great novel of 1850, “David Copperfield” in which one of … Continue reading

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