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Reduce Debt and Save Money with a Prepaid Credit Card

In certain circumstances payments just have to be made with a credit card; nothing else will do. However, there are plenty of reasons why someone might not want to have a credit card: they might not want the temptation to spend money they don’t have for example, or they could find it difficult to keep track of what they’re spending. On the other hand, some people may not even be able to obtain a credit card if they have a … Continue reading

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Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Your Utility Bills

If you are like most Canadians, you adjust your home’s thermostat as needed for comfort without giving much thought about how those adjustments will affect your utility bill. You may turn on and off your faucets, run the washing machine and more without considering how much your water bill will be at the end of the month. Then when you open your water and energy bills, you are forced to pay the amount due. It may seem as if the … Continue reading

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What’s Your Best Garage Sale Buy?

Garage sales and finding good deals are in my blood – my grandpa was an auctioneer, my parents are rabid when it comes to garage sales and I’ve always enjoyed finding nifty things for less than I would buy them in a store. One of the unfortunate things about working on weekend mornings is that I’ve lost about two years worth of Saturday morning garage sales, but I’m still remembering the good times – the wooden quilt rack that I … Continue reading

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