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I *heart* MSN

I must confess that I’m something of a junkie and at times it can be a dangerous distraction to my work day. (In my defense, it’s what my home page is set to – just like everyone else in my company. Sure I could change it to Google, but why deny myself such joy?)

There are two reasons I particularly love MSN – first and foremost is their celebrity gossip (I’m shallow.). The second reason? Some of the best finance articles I’ve ever read come from this website with its kicky little graphics and its linkages to magazines like Men’s Health, the New York Times, Good Housekeeping, etc.

I was doing my post-lunch tour of MSN when I came across this headline “She’s In Debt, Your Not.” I didn’t even get to the little type that promised this article would decode five dating issues. I saw an article that potentially described my life with Future Husband.

Upon reading the article – I realized that although debt in a relationship is a serious issue (It ranks 5 on their scale of 1 “Don’t Sweat It” to 5 “Turn and Run” … just kidding, 5 means it’s a “serious” issue.), FH and I are in pretty decent shape when it comes to the communication we’ve had about what my financial state is right now and what our combined vision is for the future (no credit card debt, a healthy emergency fund, a mortgage that is paid off sooner rather than later, etc.).

Financial conversations are not fun. In fact, I only recently came clean about how much money I owed in bad debt and was relieved to hear FH’s reply: “That’s not that bad.” And considering how closed mouthed I’d been prior to giving him the $5,500 number, I can see his point – my answers used to fluctuate between “I’m not sure” or “Let me crunch the numbers and get back to you.” My reluctance to communicate painted something of a murky picture for FH. And I’ve realized in the past few weeks (especially considering a host of complete strangers are now privy to my financial dealings) that being honest about my struggle is important for FH’s and my future together. I’m the spender, he’s the saver. And even if I’m spending and not incurring more credit card debt, I’m still potentially taking money away from important things we want to work toward in our future (new shingles, anybody?).

Anyone else out there who would like to chime in about this topic? The differences between mates is such an integral part of human nature and I’d be curious if there’s anyone else out there who is in a situation similar to mine.

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3 thoughts on “I *heart* MSN

  1. Much better to be honest now and work on it together than to hide it. You’re making the right move.

    I had debt issues in my relationship as well, but they were not talked about until after we got married. It took a lot of hard work to come to terms with it from both of us and it would have been a lot easier had we dealt with it upfront before we got married.

    It’s never easy to admit your mistakes, but hiding makes it even worse…

  2. I agree with the previous comment….it takes nerve just to discuss debt period. But with FH? I applaud you. Shows you respect him and are taking everything seriously.

  3. Welcome to the family 🙂

    I got scared with a credit card balance of $500 one summer in college and vowed never to do that again…because I was only making $50 a month 🙂 My school debt is under $10,000 now which makes me very happy 🙂 Down from $19,000 isn’t too shabby.

    Anyways – Ky’s the saver (no school debt and plenty of savings thanks to the Army) – I’m a little more liberal. Well, except for the planes that mysteriously show up on our doorstep, he’s the saver 🙂

    Our boys are much like their father 🙂 Good for you on opening up though. It will make things much easier! And the moral support is nice, too!

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