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Time is money

May I have a moment to boast? OK, thank you. For all of my faults when it comes to my personal finances, I am one hell of a worker. OK, well maybe I’m not perfect, but I like to think that I’m one of those people that companies really want to hire. I’m relatively cheap, I can figure out almost anything (that doesn’t involve numbers, ahem – personal budget!), I’m reliable, good with deadlines, etc. I like to think that I have that Midwestern work ethic combined my liberal arts education (which sometimes doesn’t make sense … I work in the financial industry and I studied Shakespeare in college – huh?), has turned me into a well-rounded individual.

In the vein of all things awesome, I had a similarly awesome review this fall by my boss. I was almost surprised it was so darn positive. And no, I’m not just being humble, it’s just that my boss has really high expectations and he is a perfectionist, so the idea that schlumpy ‘ol me managed to perform so glowingly took me aback. Until he got to the one “complaint” that he had.

“My only suggestion Michelle is your desk,” Boss said. “That truly is a no man’s land and you really need to figure out what you’re going to do to fix it.”

Well, it’s been a couple months since that review and I’ve made nary a dent in my personal no-man’s land. The business card for the new sushi place is under a Post-It reminding me that I should honor my date with Daniel Craig this weekend and meet him Sunday at the local Cineplex. A stray water bottle cap is next to an apple that I should really toss at this point – it’s weeklong residency in my briefcase did it no favors. The walls have poppies that honor the local American Legion next to a picture my friend Weaver took this summer of Future Husband and I. That’s next to a list of upcoming dentist appointments (I told you my dental situation was dire.) You’re getting the point, I can tell. 🙂

I found this article today on my beloved MSN. It’s five steps that I can take TODAY to clear my clutter. Oh MSN, if it was only that easy. Yes, it is that easy. I just need to do it.

Happy Friday, friends!

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2 thoughts on “Time is money

  1. Teehee!

    My desk isn’t nearly so bad but my boss is VERY anal about appearances – his wife even worse.

    Anyway, he has been picking on me which annoys me to no end because I have the cleanest office by far (after all the nit picking). But yeah, your post just made me giggle. I am not a clean freak by any means. The policy here is to pile our work and papers on shelves in other rooms so it looks like we have nothing to do or something. I need everything out where I can see it, or else it gets forgotten. I haven’t meshed very well with the “hide everything” system. All I’ve done is forgotten important things…

    During tax season, I literally throw everything under my desk when a client comes. It’s the best system I’ve found for both me and the neat freaks.

    Anyway, I’ve got the same review a few times, so I Can relate!

  2. So, some tips from someone who, because of our security policy, isn’t allowed to leave ANYTHING on our desk beyond pens, blank paper, and the few family photos I have…just have a big drawer with all the junk you would normally put on your desk – so easy!

    And, if possible, don’t even use paper (easy for me, everything is online here now, but maybe not for you)

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