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Her Eggo Might Be Preggo

“Dude, can I bug you for a second?”
Considering that I was spending more time reading about Obama’s picks for various members of his Cabinet on CNN than actually working, I “minimized” my Internet browser and looked up expectantly at my co-worker.
“What’s up?”
“I think I’m pregnant.”
I pause momentarily. “Seen “Juno” yet?”
“I love that movie.”
“Well, then that’s one doodle that can’t be undid, homeskillet,” I said, masking my shock and potential worry for my much younger and unmarried co-worker by quoting what has to be one of the best teen pregnancy movies that has ever chronicled such a malady.

OK – now that I’ve wow-ed you guys by quoting the one movie I actually attended in the theater during the year 2007, I’ll get down to the nitty gritty. This co-worker of mine hasn’t been feeling too hot lately. If she gets hungry and if she doesn’t eat immediately, she feels like she’s about to throw up. She also feels lightheaded at times. And supposedly birth control pills, the patch, etc., either depress the hell out of her or, as she puts it, “I could kill someone and not even care.”

Consulting the minimal knowledge that has been bestowed upon me by my mama friends and stuff that I’ve read over the years, I think it’s probably too soon for co-worker to be having any kind of symptoms like morning sickness. Then again, I’ve never had kids. I have no clue. But I chalked up her nausea to blood sugar (because I’m so qualified to give that diagnosis.).

I provide my diagnosis and then ask the really probing question:
“What are you going to do?”
“Oh, I’m excited. I would be thrilled if I was pregnant, I just want to know if I am or not.”

Wow … (and yes, now I’m getting to my point here …) I’m 30 years old, I’m getting married in five months and if all goes well, we will start spawning little kids all over the universe within 9 months after we say our “I dos.” (OK – one, maybe two, if we can afford it, according to Future Hubby.) But if I found out that I was pregnant tomorrow, I think I would still freak out just a little bit. Because I’m not married. And because if I’m afraid my dress won’t fit now, it soooo won’t fit with five months of pregnancy strapped in under my bodice. And because I just haven’t given it the financial thought that I would need to bring a kid into mine and my honey’s chaotic world. (I provide the chaos – he’s the tether that makes sure I don’t fall.)

I give my honey a lot of crap at times about our future brood because I’ll toss out names for boys or girls and expect an immediate opinion. He’ll maddeningly answer “I haven’t thought that far ahead yet.” But we think about it. We’ve talked about it. There’s a part of us that will be ready to throw out my pill pack on April 19, 2009, and see if we will become parents. But then there’s another part of us that needs to put new shingles on the roof of our house and we’d like to get that done before we welcome a kid into this world. Road trips to see friends and family are usually filled with a debate on how much money we should have in savings before we start trying to procreate. (It’s not much of a debate – neither of us have a clue. Our parental friends seem deliberatively vague and tell us that no matter how much money we have in savings, it never seems to be enough and we shouldn’t put off having children for monetary concerns or else we’ll be waiting forever.) But how much is enough? And should I start thinking about being a stay-at-home mom or should I see if there is a portion of my full-time job that I could do from home while cutting back on daycare costs?

As for my co-worker, it’s now “wait and see” mode, although I offered her my spare EPT stick hidden in my toiletries drawer. (She’s not the only person to live through a pregnancy scare …) And if her eggo is preggo, my first reaction will be to hug her and to go out and buy her that “What to Expect …” book, but then I might have some questions for her to think about over the next nine months.

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4 thoughts on “Her Eggo Might Be Preggo

  1. Shelley,

    Did you take parenting in high school? It was an eye opener! We had to sit down and list everything that we would need to buy for a newborn (from crib to socks to infant tylenol). After we had our list we took it to Walmart (the only major store near us) and priced everything. This will let you know what you are going to fork out before the arrival of your bundle of joy.

    I did have one of my children when we didn’t have health insurance and it cost about $4,000. That was about 8 years ago, and it was a natural (no complications, no drugs) delivery. I’m sure that the prices have skyrocketed since then.

    I also bought a package of diapers or baby wipes with every paycheck through-out my pregnancy. If you do this, make sure to buy different sizes. Your child will not stay in the newborn diaper stage for long, and people will give you diapers at your baby shower!

    Breastfeeding is wonderfully healthy for the baby and cheap. It also helps you get back to your girlish figure or less. I would recommend breastfeeding as long as possible. You may still have to buy formula as a backup if you don’t pump enough when you can’t be around to feed him/her. When I had my last child formula was about $15 a can. When we finally switched my little guy from formula to milk we were going through 2 cans of formula a week.

    If your work has a short term disability plan, TAKE IT! Although I wasn’t receiving as much as I would working, it really helped out. If you can save your vacation days and use it for maternity leave, DO IT!

    Childcare Centers has a lot of hidden costs, I know because I operate one. Don’t wait until you are on maternity leave to look for childcare, many childcare centers have a waiting list for infants. Know the approximate date that you will return to work, and keep in mind that full time children will be bumped up that waiting list. I charge a registration fee, this lets me know that you are serious about bringing your child to me and not just checking prices. If I have your registration fee in hand, I will hold a spot for you. I also charge a 2-week deposit that will be used when you give me your two week notice that you are terminating our contract. If you leave without notice I will keep that deposit. Some childcare centers will ask that you pay in advance for hours your child will be there. You may be required to pay for Holidays even if they are not open. Make sure you request a Parent Handbook if they don’t offer you one. Always read the handbook and contract before signing. It should explain everything in detail. Remember, the contrct will hold up in court.

    Allright, I will climb of my soapbox now! Hope this helps.

  2. How much to have in savings before having kids? Think of it as an emergency fund and save about 6 months. This will give you some wiggle room (even though your pants won’t!). Put big ticket items on the baby shower list registry, so you can get a discount on it if no one gets it for you. You have two incomes? See if you can manage on his alone (not being sexist, just pragmatic, as his breasts don’t do as much as the Mothers).

    We were surprised with both pregnancies, and it is awesome! you will always have $$ worries, as you are no longer able to be totally selfish about life, unless you suck as a parent. You will sacrifice for your kid/s and it will be worth it. Haven’t found any toy or trip that is more fulfilling than a hug from my kids!

    Do the stuff you worry about not being able to do NOW. Get it out of the way so you don’t whine about it. When pregnant, you will be hormonal enough and don’t need extra things to set you off. Good book to buy is ‘Pregnancy Sucks’. Honest book on how pregnancy is. =)

  3. first I am a mom of four, and yet even I know I don’t know much but…

    As to how soon you feel the symptoms… yes it can happen ‘the morning after’ (one out of four times, within the month for the other 3)

    on quitting the pill .. you know those drugs stay in your system longer than 24 hours? I would consult your health care provider as to how long you should avoid conception before risking pregnancy.

    As to cost of delivery, you really don’t want to know via the hospital, but there are quality home options in many states. (google home birth for more details) – yes I had one.

    On cost of the baby..breastfed cloth diapered babies can be very cheap…you don’t need half the recommended items (I have never given any baby tylenol, but then I only have 4). Anything you think you Need, try asking what the pilgrims did instead (they didn’t have so many baby gadgets) if the old fashioned way doesn’t hurt go for it (skip the opium as teething relief…)

    oh and you can keep em cheap if you homeschool… 🙂

  4. I have to agree with princessperky (what a handle!:))

    People think that they NEED swings, bouncers, 20 outfits, teethers, pacifiers, bottles, sterilizers, jarred baby food, etc. All this stuff adds up…and really all it is, is a substitute for you and your arms or (boobs.) And if you do find that you want one of these items…get it used!! Plan babies around garage sales. 🙂 Getting married in April? Spend some time that summer hitting some sales and stocking up on $0.10-$0.25 clothes. Anything else is overpriced. 🙂 Be on the lookout for used baby equipment…but don’t think that you need everything!!!

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