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A humble holiday

I remember a couple times earlier this year when I found myself with pocket change or a negative balance in my checking account, I would hum the following line in my head: “Things been a little tight, but I know they’re going to turn my way.”

That comes from Bruce Springteen’s song “Girls In Their Summer Clothes” and if there were times that I panicked about my financial future, I’d keep that line running through my head.

That line occurred to me again today as I was reading my beloved MSN and found this article about how Thanksgiving is traditionally a holiday to give thanks, but because of the economy, for many Americans it will be bleaker this year. For many families struggling to get by, the idea of a massive turkey dinner with all the trimmings is an impossible dream. Families all over are dealing with layoffs, the rising cost of getting by and are scrimping and saving to get by.

I’ll be honest – holidays kind of make me crabby: I’m not overly fond of traveling, the materialistic nature of Christmas makes me vaguely nauseous and I eat way too much anyway for the most part. But this article makes me thankful for all that I do have and it reminds me that as much as I hate my personal debt, I know deep down inside that things are going to turn my way. And as much as I sometimes whine that my kitchen carpet is ugly, that my car’s rattling dashboard is going to drive me bonkers and all of those petty things – I need to remember that I have a house and that I have a car. Neither is in immediate (or any) danger of being foreclosed upon or repossessed and I gotta tell you – I’m so damn lucky.

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones – Future Husband and I are celebrating with members of the Urban Family. And if you think of it, send some good thoughts to the people out there who are struggling to make ends meet. (I’m already trying to think what I can do for our local food shelf.) There have always been people in need that are around our country and our world, but the recent economic crisis keeps driving the point closer to home. Let us hope that things turn around for all people.

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