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There is something about the action of clipping coupons that is oddly soothing to me. I don’t know if it’s the sound of the scissors snipping paper or the idea that every penny saved is sticking it to the man, but what was once tedious has become a weekly habit for me. (And yeah – I’m joking about “the man” comment. I don’t think that 35 cents here or there is sticking it to anyone, it just sounded funny.)

When I lived on my own, coupons were kind of obsolete to my lifestyle. I use cheap store brand toilet paper, I haven’t changed brands of mascara since I started wearing it when I was 15 and I used to eat a lot of Ramen noodles. I live on the cheap. Well, enter Future Husband into my life and our combined household. My grocery costs have gone up substantially, partly because I have a guinea pig to try recipes on and partly because there are three things that I can’t substitute with generic store brands – FH loves Jif, he loves Grands biscuits and his momma raised him on Bisquick. Never mind that Skippy is a perfectly good peanut butter, every store in America has a Grands knock-off and I can make homemade pancakes quicker than opening up a box of ‘Quick.

Luckily for FH’s culinary tastes, these three items are regulars in Sunday’s coupon section and the Pillsbury brand has a great website where I can regularly print off coupons for his biscuits. My strategy is to wait until these items are on sale and then I combine them with my existing coupons, usually saving about 50 cents to a buck off of these various items.

Sure, I could save more money if I didn’t buy stuff like Grands biscuits or made my own Bisquick mix. But, FH doesn’t ask for much when it comes to my cooking prowess and he puts up with a lot from me (he washes dishes, even after I’ve gone on a cooking binge.) Buying name brand peanut butter isn’t too much for him to ask.

Soon I will write about some websites I’ve found particularly helpful when finding coupons on commonly bought items. So what’s the consensus on coupons? Are they worthwhile? Do they take up space in the recycling bin? Speak out! 🙂

I’m also tallying up the results from this weekend for my “latte factor” – aside from purchasing some face cream from an old college buddy of mine (it was 50% off, she’s in between jobs right now and I tried the stuff – it is like manna on this dry face of mine), I don’t think that I did too badly. I also saved $2.00 on gas, eggs and milk on Saturday. Go me!

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6 thoughts on “Coups!

  1. I love clipping coupons! I can save tons of $$$, esp. at CVS and Walgreens, and K-Mart when they double them (up to $2).

  2. I really wish I’d do this more often – I don’t get the newspaper, but there’s tons of coupons online, and those annoying weekly free mailings that I just dump in the recycle bin do actually have good coupons on them. Target also mails out monthly booklets of them and I do use those. I just wish all of that didn’t take up so much paper (making the online ones look even better)

  3. I’m just sayin’ Paul, if you don’t use the Target book, throw it my way. 🙂

    And Angela – thanks for the comment. We don’t have CVS in my town but I hear it is WONDERFUL!

  4. I too love the coupons….but usually I find that the generics are still cheaper. But it’s worth it every once in a while to get the name brand….for me it’s my syrup and orange juice that I need. 🙂

  5. I also find the act of clipping coupons soothing. I clip tons on the weekend, because I like to take advantage of the CVS freebie system (posted a few days ago about getting $60 worth of stuff for under $5) and it works best if you have multiples of the same coupons. When they expire, I send them to military families abroad, who can use them at their commisaries for 6 months past the expiration date.

    I rarely find food coupons useful because I cook mostly from scratch. However, I love the ones for toiletries and cleaning products – they must have huge mark-ups if stores can offer significant sales and manufacturers can issue large coupons for such things. Since I’m single and there’s just so much toothpaste and shampoo I can use in a year, I often donate the freebies to local shelters.

  6. MMK – Thanks for the post! I’m trying to figure out where the closest CVS is, because I’ve heard amazing things about the freebie program.

    And thanks for the heads up with the military families – I had no clue that those coupons would still be good after their expiration date.

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