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Ed. note – I’ve been cleaning out some of the draft posts in my blog and I found this one that I wrote back in November. This is one of those that just happened when my hands hit the keyboard so instead of trying to pass it off as something that’s a “fresh” entry, I’ll leave it for what it is: I paid off another credit card balance in November and I was extraordinarily relieved and grateful that day.

I haven’t figured out the quick way towards debt reduction yet, but I gotta tell you – when you get to the point where you’re sitting at your desk, debit card in hand, talking to a credit card representative and ready to make a final payment – I think it makes the journey totally worth it.

The credit card ending in 1453 was paid off today. OK – the balance was only $109 and to be honest, if I would have been more with it, I could have paid it off a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know what made me hesitate – is it the upcoming holiday season to plan for? The new pants that I need to buy because the zipper is going out on my work khakis?

I think what’s going on in my pea brain is that I’ve actually had money lately and it’s really nice to have it in my checking or my savings accounts. It’s just really nice to pull up my online banking portal and see that I have more than a handful of bucks and not worry that a check written to my honey for rent is going to bounce sky-high or that I’m going to have to make by with $5 in my gas tank instead of filling it up.

It was very cool to call the credit card company today and hear the vaguely foreign voice assure me that my accounts are all in good standing. It’s such a far cry from July 2006 when I had creditors calling me at home and at work, all trying to grab a piece of their $11,500 pie. That was my debt – $11,500. I now have about $5,500. Man, I’ve taken a slow journey to pay this all off, but I feel really good today.

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