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A Life Update

December is already in full swing and I admit that this month has me in a bit of a panic. My wedding is in April and I haven’t ordered invitations yet, half of our Save the Dates are in some state of flux in my office and we haven’t even tackled what we want to do for our wedding favors. So the wedding is weighing heavily on my mind, but I keep my eyes on the prize, so to speak. I ended up watching a ridiculous romantic comedy called Made of Honor with Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan. It was ridiculous and predictable, but this story of two people who were friends first and eventually fell in love kind of reminded me of Future Husband and I. And I admit, I really enjoyed the movie. And April 18, 2009, will show up exactly when it is supposed to and I am looking forward to a wonderful day with friends and family. I’m reverently giddy about the moment when we say our vows and I’m terrified that I won’t be able to keep all of my family members straight when it comes time to introduce them to my Husband.

In the dental world, I have now determined that a) I am paying for a semester’s worth of schooling for my beloved dentist’s children and b) you know you spend too much time in your dentist’s chair when she offers you holiday recipe suggestions. I’ve been having some weird problems with a recent insurance switch that my company has gone through, but the dental place I’ve gone through has been more than kind. I paid an outstanding part of my existing balance on Tuesday and was reassured that the $1,100 remaining is at the insurance place and that they will be diligent about making sure the claim is filed properly, etc. In the meantime, Tooth Number 14 is that last cavity that needs filling and I’m trying to ignore my dentist’s broad hints that the root canal I recently had needs a crown in the new year. I’m also trying to figure out if there are cheaper alternatives, i.e. – a dental school nearby that can do the work for less than the semester’s worth of schooling I’m currently shelling out.

But it needs to be said – I gripe about my dental woes but a) I should have gone to the dentist sooner than the five years that I put it off and b) my dentist is a rock star. She’s kind, her dental hygenist grew up in a town near where I came from and it makes the experience much more palatable.

Credit cards – yes, I do live paycheck to paycheck and I need to sit down this week to see what kind of damage I can do to my spreadsheet of outstanding credit card balances. During the Thanksgiving holiday, I had an automatic eight hours of holiday pay and I tried to take advantage of that by working some additional hours during the week. It isn’t overtime, but it’s more than the 40 hours I typically put in, so it’s all good in the end.

Rattling Death Trap … needs an oil change and needs to get the windshield wiper fluid tank replaced. That baby has been cracked since last winter and only holds wiper fluid when it feels like it. I drove up to Minneapolis and had to stop in Cannon Falls to throw some snow on my windshield to clean off the road gunk. When I was driving back from Minneapolis, I was going to stop in Cannon Falls, but decided that the cup of coffee I was holding would work just as well as snow and I wouldn’t have to necessarily stop to drench my windshield. So that’s what I did. And now I have coffee all over my car. I haven’t explained that to Future Husband yet, but I’m hoping he won’t ask.

Work … has been stressful lately with some really ridiculous office politics. I actually was physically sick over the situation at the end of last week and I’m not what you would call a shrinking flower. I’m just genuinely at a loss to figure out what I can do to make my situation better and my adage of keeping my head down and my mouth shut hasn’t been enough to keep myself out of what keeps getting crappier at my job. I recognize however that I am lucky to have a job and I just need to keep doing what I’m doing and to do it well.

GOALS! 2009 is rapidly approaching and I should get my arse in gear to make some resolutions. More specifically I look forward to actually setting some finance/budgeting/monetary goals that I can hold myself accountable to with this blog. So … my thinking cap is on. Emergency fund is traveling through the brain, as is saving up for what should be a tearjerker of a tax bill … beyond that, I really need to put pen to paper and jot down a concrete game plan.

Despite my worries – life is good. Thank you for your continued reading. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “A Life Update

  1. Try to hold off on the crown – I have had 4 root canals. 2 have crowns – because there wasn’t much tooth there to work with. 2 do not have crowns, and I don’t plan on ever getting crowns. 1 of those was done 17 years ago and is still fine…happens to be my front tooth too. I was told there is a chance that the tooth turns color??? Hasn’t happened yet, and don’t think it will.

  2. Love reading your blog, it is a treat to sit down and read it! I’ve always been frugal-minded, but you really inspire me to be even better at it.
    I hope you reach many of your financial goals in 2009. I’m looking forward to making some myself.
    Using the coffee to clean off windshield is hilarious, I totally pictured you doing it.
    By the way, Michelle Monaghan is from someplace in Iowa, forgot where. Iowa girls rock!

  3. She’s from Winthrop! I had to IMDB her because I was totally impressed with her performance. And yes, I agree … Iowa girls rock! We throw coffee on windshields!

  4. Hey, I stumbled upon your blog while checking out Tricia’s. I just about choked when you mentioned Cannon Falls – I’m in Red Wing! You never expect to find people near you on the internet. Congrats on paying down half your debt! Your writing style is very funny and I will be adding your blog to my daily rounds. Merry Christmas!

  5. Tabitha – Thanks for visiting! You live in one of my favorite cities in Minnesota! Stay warm, sounds like it’s going to be an icebox this upcoming week!

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