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A good weekend

Quentin Tarantino once uttered this quote during the course of an interview he did when he was a somewhat unknown director who was schilling his movie “Pulp Fiction.”

Loosely paraphrased: “If you run in the fast lane, you may run last, but you will run fast.” I had this cut out and pasted onto a folder that I took with me to college and I’m not sure what originally attracted me to that quote, but to be honest – in the years following college, I’m beginning to think that our worlds are programmed to be fast lane whether we chose to run this course or not.

So it was pretty counterintuitive of me, but I spent this past weekend bored out of my skull and I gotta be honest. I think it was exactly what I needed.

OK – so I wasn’t bored, per se, but I slept in both days, finished a book, made some holiday treats for my fellow coworkers and did a lot of sitting around with Future Husband. It was a good weekend and I do feel recharged.

Tomorrow I reenter the fast lane, but somehow I think I’m more mentally prepared and rested than I usually am.

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