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Do you moonlight?

One of my favorite Scrubs episodes was when Dr. Kelso put the kibosh on any of his employees moonlighting at other jobs while they were under his employ. Of course, Elliot and Carla end up getting caught by Dr. Kelso while they’re doing a side job at a local vet’s office, but I remember watching that episode and feeling that I am and have been in similar situations.

As some of you know, I work two jobs. Well, make that 2.5 jobs if you count the help I’m giving my buddy Chuck on some marketing stuff for his bookstore, but that work has been sporadic because Chuck and I have been so busy with our jobs. (He has two jobs too – sense a trend?)

My full-time job is an eight to five gig and for the past 1 1/2 years I’ve been moonlighting as a phone operator at the local cab company. But I’ve gotta be honest, there are very few people at my full-time job who know that I have a second job. And I have a couple different reasons for my secrecy.

1) The person who got me the job at the cab company is a former coworker of mine from my full-time job. She didn’t leave on great terms and although we’re friends, I don’t really broadcast it to my bosses that I still work with her, albeit in a different job altogether.
2) Bosses can be oddly possessive and can be obsessed with image. I actually didn’t learn this second caveat from my current full-time job. This was something I learned when I was working at my last newspaper job and got a part-time job working retail at the Mall of America. Upon telling my direct supervisor that I was planning on getting a second job, he immediately turned pale and asked what my plans were. He was relieved the minute he found out that I was going to work in a town my publisher rarely traveled to and in a store whose door Louie would never darken.

“What’s the problem?” I had asked, a trifle huffily.
“Image,” D replied. “If you worked in town, people would think that the newspaper wasn’t paying you enough to make ends meet and that would make the company look bad.”

My supervisor swore me to secrecy that I would never mention my second job. My cover was later blown by another newspaper employee who also moonlighted at the Mall – it is a small world after all, even at the Mall of America.

I can see why my full-time bosses could have a problem with me moonlighting – particularly, what if I put my cab job before my full-time work? Well, since I work weekends that hasn’t happened and the couple times that I’ve picked up extra shifts, my bosses at the cab company have been pretty good about scheduling me on days where I don’t have any conflicts with my full-time job.

I still keep my mouth shut. Whereas I think my full-time bosses would applaud my attempts at financial solvency, I don’t know they’d be too happy about my second life. But between the extra money that I make on the weekends I work and the weird satisfaction I get from my part-time job, this double life is worth it to me.

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1 thought on “Do you moonlight?

  1. I was aware of how bosses felt about ‘moonlighting’, but never really understood it. It would make them look bad? Make them appear that they don’t pay you enough to make ends meet? Um….they don’t!

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