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Party like a rock star!

Man – I shouldn’t even link to this particular article because it is just so darn laughable. But what do I expect from People Magazine? They are the ones who shell out millions of dollars for pictures of the celeb baby du jour? (And yes, I’m a sucker for the gossip – between my buddy Anne’s subscription and the updates I check online, I probably read People daily.)

Anyway – when I saw an article promising that people could party like a rock star, but on a budget – I was intrigued. Is this a party for 10 people that can be had for less than $50? Um … no. According to Hollywood party guru Mindy Weiss, you can have a dinner for 15 people for under … $300! And if you want, you can have a party consisting only of cocktails – 20 people for only $200! Dessert? Also not a problem – only $100 for cookies for 20.

Man alive – when party budgets begin to look like the payments I’m making toward my root canal, I have to wonder why I got myself into debt in the first place. Keeping up with the Joneses? That’s last year’s handbag. This year, I’m going to try to keep up with Paris Hilton. She needs a cookie.

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