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Growing up and growing old: New Years Eve as a 30-year-old

I got an email from my buddy Anne on Tuesday night. “What time do you get off work tomorrow night?”
“Five ‘o clock,” I said. “Just come over anytime after that.”
“Will that give you enough time to get pretty?”

Suddenly it hit me – I’ve grown old and I’ve grown frumpy.

Just a few years ago, I remember buying a beautiful shirt from Lane Bryant – it was a cranberry colored shirt, silky material, kind of baby-doll cut with a rosette up on the right shoulder. I wore that with the dark jeans I had bought a couple weeks before that and forgive my arrogance, but I looked smokin’ hot. And I think I paid $60 for that shirt. I did pay for that out of pocket, that was after I had gone cold turkey off my credit cards, but man … that chick from a couple of years ago would be pretty horrified by her 30-year-old self.

The girl from a couple years ago spent time doing her makeup and hair. I remember trying on that shirt and just falling in love with it – there was really no reason to buy it. It was definitely a party shirt that was to be worn for one purpose: Clubbing. I wouldn’t be able to wear that shirt to work or to church or even to the grocery store. That shirt was built for dancing.

I have no clue what I’m wearing this year and since I invited my friends over for a couple of pre-festivity cocktails, I’ll be lucky if I manage to swipe a comb through my hair, let alone change from work clothes to civilian wear.

I don’t know – I’m lucky to be in the relationship that I’m in. Future Husband and I knew each other in college and if there was a frumpy time in my existence, the flannel shirts and sweatpants I lived in during senior year would probably qualify.

But still – I’m also patting myself on the back though. This 30-year-old frump has her priorities straight.

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5 thoughts on “Growing up and growing old: New Years Eve as a 30-year-old

  1. I am 3 and realize I am going through the same thing. I look like hell most of the time when I used to be smokin. Ugh. I am going to try to be more presentable in 2009!

  2. I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself. It’s called a “natural progression” as we grow up. Wait until you hit 50!

    I find that I buy some snappy outfits that don’t look frumpy and keep them dry cleaned and ready for special occasions. You can look smokin’ hot at the drop of a dime.

    A quick transformation from “frumpy” to “hot” in one hour. We just get more practical as we age (hopefully)


  3. It seems that my neighbors always come up to talk to me when i’m looking my absolute worst, when i’m working in my yard wearing baggy clothes, working up a sweat, hair pulled back and no makeup. Ugh.

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