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Last week, I found myself running out of things to write and I had a couple readers chime in some ideas for me to write about (although they probably regret it after one of my 1,000-word doozies – I’ll try to keep this one short.). If there are any questions you have – financial, frugal, personal or otherwise (I do not have any conspiracy theories about Elvis’s death but am willing to do research), feel free to shoot me a note at debtreduction101@gmail.com or leave me a comment!

Here’s another question from Emily … What is your favorite characteristic in a friend?
OK – that’s actually a tough one. The word “longevity” is on the tip of my tongue because some of my greatest friends are the ones I’ve had for a long time. But that seems … I don’t know, not as easy as if I said my favorite characteristic is “loyalty” or something else.

Future Husband is my favorite friend – he helps me to not take myself too seriously. And he makes me laugh. (You can all start gagging right about now …)

From Moonlight: Do you ever buy books at library sales? My town sells books for TEN CENTS each – and they’re often/well sometimes pretty good.
I used to buy books at library sales, but after moving way too many times I’ve stopped buying books and got rid of a bunch of tomes because they are such a pain in the arse to move. If I buy books these days, I typically get them from Amazon. Or else I’m a freak for my local library.

From Emily: In what situation do you fake sincerity the most??? Inquiring minds would like to know!
Oh wow – I will never be able to run for public office after I answer this one. Wow … I can honestly say that I fake sincerity when people are reading me the riot act when I’m on the other end of the phone at the cab company. Whether you are drunk or whether your cab is about 15 minutes late and is not dispatched yet, I’m probably reassuring you that everything is going to be alright when honestly … you’re a pain in my arse and I’m getting paid to be nice to you.

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