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Random sunshine-y goals

There’s something about cold weather and January that makes me reflect upon warmer times. And I swear, every winter I make the same goal – which is that I won’t squander good weather when it finally comes to Minnesota. But I typically do. I don’t grill out enough, I don’t go on enough hikes – I stay home when I should get out and visit old friends.

So in no particular order, I’m making goals and resolutions for when the sun finally starts shining again in Minnesota and when I’ll be able to get out and about. And when I find myself lazing out in front of the television instead of exercising my mind and my spirit, I’m going to pull this list out and remember how icky I feel in winter and the hope that I felt thinking of warmer days.

1) I’m going to call my buddy Erin on a regular basis and meet up with her at our favorite park halfway between the respective cities that we live in. I met Erin when I was a journalist in Northfield and she was a very good friend of mine. One hot summer day we were bored and decided to go to a nature preserve that I had often read about in my newspaper but had never been to. It was one of the best afternoons of my life. Of course, we went to the bar afterwards, which negated any good deeds we had done in our walk, but … it was a red letter day.

2) I’m going to learn how to grill vegetables. I know it isn’t too hard to do, but I’ve never done that.

3) I’m going to walk to Rochester’s public library once a week. It’s not a tough trek by any means, but I used to do that when I lived in my old apartment and it was good for me physically (the actual act of walking) and it was good for me mentally (books! magazines!)

4) I’m going to explore some of the county parks that are near Rochester. When I was a reporter in Wisconsin, a buddy gave me a book that listed all of the county parks in Minnesota. I don’t remember who the author was, but it is one of the neatest books I’ve ever read. It lists all of the county parks by the region and also the county. Since it’s all laid out for me – including what kind of walking trails, amenities, etc. are available – I have no reason to not explore what is available out there.

5) I’m going to go fishing with my dad.

6) I’m finally going to explore Rochester’s farmer’s market and support local vendors.

Aside from the gas money that might be involved, all of these choices are fantastic and frugal.

I’m really looking forward to better weather.

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3 thoughts on “Random sunshine-y goals

  1. Excellent choices. We’re constantly looking for new ways to have fun without spending money, and the more we look the more we find that hanging with family & friends is the best way to go.

    Good luck!


  2. I wonder how many Minnesotans are thinking this right now? I was just making the same sorts of plans with my husband yesterday. 🙂 Hopefully having blogs and putting these sorts of things in writing will help us stick to it, because every summer I squander at least part of it, and this winter’s been harder than what we’ve had for a long time.

  3. That’s why I wrote this today … it’s been so darn cold lately and it’s cheered me immensely to think about standing outside grilling, tending to my (very meager) garden and getting outside and fending off the mosquitos!

    Warm thoughts to all of you!

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