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And I feel broke somedays …

Just when I feel bad about my paltry $5,000 of debt, I find something that makes me feel better. In this case, I just remind myself that I’m not Hillary Clinton who, according to CNN, is currently $6 million in debt. Sure, this is down from $25 million, but I’d love to hear what her cost-cutting strategies are.

Does our country’s new Secretary of State clip coupons? Does she feel some pressure to “keep up with the Jones” (or the Obamas …)?

I don’t know – do you ever think that you get to a place in your life where debt actually feels manageable or good? Does Hillary have problems sleeping at night when she thinks about how much money she owes? (She probably does have larger problems on her mind …)

Regardless which animal you find yourself affiliated with on the political spectrum, I just think it’s interesting that one of CNN’s top stories is Hillary Clinton’s debt problems. CNN – I think she’s gonna be just fine.

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4 thoughts on “And I feel broke somedays …

  1. lol. this is slightly different, but i was always whinging about my car loan debt (around 3k now) and now I’m about to buy a house with my fiance. so… 3k… 300k… i guess i have a lot more to whinge about now!

  2. This must be her campaign debt? No? I believe I just read a story of her hubby bringing home a few hearty million last year … but maybe they have seperate checkbooks?

  3. I don’t think she owes it, I’m sure she’s not liable for all the debt, and even if she is, I’m sure Bill can give a few speeches and make 1 mil each time… either way I’m sure she’s not concerned about her debt.


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