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Tomorrow is going to be a good day

My paystub from the full-time job came today and over lunch, I got to indulge in one of my favorite past-times … figuring out where my money is going to go. This is exhilerating when things go my way and I feel like I made a dent in all that I owe with my paycheck.

I’ve been making a concious effort to pay off my uninsured root canal and although this has pushed back my progress on the credit card front, it’s also shown me what I can accomplish if I tighten my belt and if I put in a few extra hours at the cab company.

So … I owe $706.20 on my root canal. That will be paid in full tomorrow.

I still have to make January’s payment on my student loan and I set that up today. That was about $169.00.

And … that basically wipes out my paycheck! Luckily, Future Husband wants to see the root canal paid off and is letting me off on this month’s “rent” payment. I got a full tank of gas yesterday and my father sent home enough venison to feed my family of two for the next couple of weeks (or months …) – I have plenty of staples in the pantry to get us by for a bit.

So although I’m broke until the cab check comes in (I love getting paid every week …), I am RELIEVED to get a bill out of the way. And it’s heartened me to see how quickly I was able to pay it off. What if I put similar ambition toward getting the rest of my debt paid in such a fashion?

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2 thoughts on “Tomorrow is going to be a good day

  1. It is great to be able to make some progress in reducing our debts, but a great relationship that helps you in certain areas is worth a lot more than our debts. You seem to have a great guy that will work with you in the future.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Bob – Thanks for the comment. I thank my lucky stars that I’ve found someone as patient, frugal and supportive as my Future Husband. 🙂

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