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CNN takes on food stamps

OK – I’m apologizing in advance for the glut of posts today. It is an extremely slow Sunday at the cab company and I’ve been catching up on unread articles, emails, etc.

I stumbled across this article and a corresponding blog on CNN this morning and couldn’t wait to share it.

The article looks at the growing usage of food stamps in the country and how although stamps are to be used as a supplement to people’s food budgets, families are falling woefully short under the current allotments given to them by the government. (And apparently, Obama’s administration is addressing this problem through the stimulus package. And former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack gets a shout out as the new Secretary of Agriculture! Go Iowa!)

The article is kind of heart breaking. The blog … wow. CNN correspondent Sean Callebs lives in Louisiana – a state where one out of every six people is on food stamps. So he approached his state’s head of family support how much in food stamps a single person would qualify for and is now living on $176 for food this month.

Callebs is having an eye opening challenge – instead of using this as a supplement, he’s living on $176 to see how America’s food stamp population make ends meet and get it done. And Callebs doesn’t paint a pretty picture. He eats a lot of carbs. And bananas. And a lot of the same things over and over again. But as he points out – he doesn’t have to do this. He is choosing to conduct this experiment to see what it is like.

Future Husband’s going to love me, but it is really tempting to see if we could live under similar restrictions. I’m lucky though – as a foodie I have a well stocked pantry and a bunch of venison that my folks gifted us. FH and I could last about two or three good weeks on what we have stockpiled. I am once again reminded that I’m very lucky.

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2 thoughts on “CNN takes on food stamps

  1. My family, of three adults spends less than $176.00 a month on food, and have for a long time. It is not that difficult if you cook from scratch, plan menus around loss leaders, and stockpile staples when they are on sale.

  2. Oh wow, that would be extremely difficult for me because I spend at least $400 a month on food alone. But I should try this out – I’d be able to save.

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