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Frugal honeymoon ideas?

Just call me the “anti-bride.” This moniker is not to be confused with “Bridezilla” (although Lord knows I’ve had those moments), but is reserved for those woefully underprepared brides who should have really just eloped and gone to Vegas instead of having some elaborate wedding.

As of the 18th, Future Husband and I have two months until we get hitched and wow … everything is coming together – including the wedding invitations that I addressed by hand. Nothing says love like really bad caligraphy – but that’s just me.

FH is going to roll his eyes when he reads this, but I’m still struggling with the whole honeymoon idea. This week’s plan is to take a couple of extra days in June when one of my buddy’s gets married near Baltimore. It’s a neat idea because I’ve never been to Washington D.C., I’d love to go, I’ll (probably) be out there anyway for my friend’s wedding … but plane tickets are, like, $400 a piece. Amtrak tickets are a little bit cheaper, but what we would save in money, we’d lose with time. I haven’t even researched hotel costs yet.

Other plans have included Duluth (our wedding’s in April – can you say brrrr?), South Dakota, Door County … I don’t know. There’s a part of me that will feel kind of gypped if we don’t have a honeymoon, but then there’s another part of me that wonders where the hell this whole idea came from in the first place.

Anybody have any really good, cheap travel ideas?

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6 thoughts on “Frugal honeymoon ideas?

  1. the obvious, to me, would be to go local… what do tourists do when they come to YOUR area? That way you save on transportation…

  2. An off the cuff idea – if your income could sustain the yearly tax & homeowner’s fee, buy a CHEAP week timeshare off of ebay. Use the week this year for your honeymoon, continue paying taxes & timeshare fees and vacation yearly in various spots via the exchange. Afterwards you could always resell the timeshare on ebay if you find you don’t like it.

  3. (This is Kate from TC Rotaract.)

    We didn’t get to take our honeymoon until the following March (we were married in August), because my husband started law school right after we were married (plus, law school is expensive). We ended up going to Boston because that was the cheapest airfare of anywhere we’d want to go; it was spring break for him and the rest of the world, so it was expensive to go anywhere warm.

    A coupla ideas: Southwest Airlines is coming to MSP in March, so they’ll probably have some good deals to check out.

    Also, check out SmarterLiving.com for inspiration for less-usual places to go, and if you decide you still want something around your wedding time, then look at the site two weeks in advance and you might find something you’d like to consider for a long weekend. If you do some research, you can even find some cool things to do in places like Detroit or Cleveland. A lot of it is a mental state of just enjoying each other.

    Over Thanksgiving weekend this past November, we stayed at a hike-in cabin in Tettegouche state park, on the North Shore. We stayed in the littlest cabin which was perfect for the two of us, and cheap. Entertainment was catching up on sleep, going for hikes, looking at the stars, and living a slow life for a few days. If you go that route, I have a few tips I can share, just email me.

    Research some unusual places to stay, or check out hotwire for the we don’t name the hotel but you save loads deals. My husband was researching monasteries to stay at in Oklahoma on his way to Texas (the plans fell through so he ended up not going, but who knew there were monasteries in OK and TX???).

    There’s a spa in the far west of South Dakota we’re talking about going to check out some time. It’s really reasonably priced, far better priced than something around the Twin Cities. Resting and taking care of yourself right after your wedding could be a really great treat to each other. You’ll be more tired than you would expect from all that smiling!

    Consider going somewhere you can drive, like Madison, Milwaukee or Chicago. I can definitely recommend things to do in each of those cities that won’t set you back a lot. (I’m from Milwaukee, lived in Madison, and visited Chicago loads of times.) Also, another place to look into is Lake Geneva, a really pretty place that’s between Madison and Chicago.

    If you know anyone in Milwaukee, look at airfare in and out of Milwaukee to other destinations (where Milwaukee is your starting point). That’s how we got the best deals for Boston and for NYC this past September, but it helped because we could bookend the trip with visiting my parents.

    There are a number of wineries popping up around western Wisconsin and east central Minnesota, you could stay somewhere not that far out of the TCs and go around visiting them if you like wine. If you like antique shopping (even just looking around can be fun!) and hiking (lots of state parks), all three of these are easy to do on the same trip.

    Call a travel agency and see what kind of package deals to places like Mexico they have. It might surprise you how reasonable they can be, especially because they’re usually all inclusive, so you know exactly how much it’ll set you back.

    Or, take a few days to be together, even just staying at a hotel (see the hotwire deal, we booked our first night on hotwire, then stayed at another hotel someone wasn’t using but had already paid for on hotwire for our second night as a married couple!), and then save for a trip for your first anniversary! =)

    Oh, and don’t tell them you’re booking for your honeymoon night or anything, they’ll just charge you more. Unless you’re planning on leaving your wedding early, you don’t need to spend money on that first night because you’ll be tired and taking off your clothes and pulling the bobby pins out of your hair if you have it done up will take a while, and then you pretty much just collapse with a smile on your face. 🙂

  4. Kate – awesome novel and it is much appreciated. 🙂

    LLF & Miclason – I’ll be sharing with the FH … I’ll keep you all posted as to what’s going to happen.

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