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Wading in on the Octomom controversy

I was just content to observe all of the hoopla surrounding Nadya “Octomom” Suleman and reserve my thoughts … but then Joy Behar was guesting (that’s guest hosting, I guess) for Larry King Live and got the Duggar family to weigh in on the Octomom controversy.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Duggar family, they are a family of 20 who live in Arkansas. Their philosophy is that if it’s God’s will to have another kid, they’ll go ahead and accept God’s plan. And amazingly enough, they are able to do this without public assistance and live debt free. (I’m sure that the money they get from their TLC “reality” show helps …)

The article I read today can be found here. Future Husband is also well aware of my weird Duggar obsession and sent me this link last night (he’s just thankful that I like the Duggars more than I like Jon & Kate’s show …)

I include these links in the blog because both articles touch on some of the frugal measures that the Duggars use in raising 18 kids. (The link FH sent me includes their recipe for homemade baby wipes … awesome.) Other hints that they have employed include finding clothes, appliances and other necessities at thrift shops, garage sales and auctions.

I don’t really know how I feel about the Octomom – is she sick? Is she irresponsible (well, yeah – I think what she’s done is pretty damn irresponsible), but I’m hoping that she’ll take a page from the Duggars. Say what you will about them (and try not to shudder when Joy Behar makes some squicky comments about their sex life …), but they have learned to afford the (multitudes of) kids that they have.

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4 thoughts on “Wading in on the Octomom controversy

  1. I work in the medical field and we have a family in our practice who have 14 children with #15 on the way. They make enough money to survive without public assistance and all of the children seem quite happy, intelligent and well-adjusted. They are always clean and well-dressed when we see them which is a positive indication of their situation as well.

    I have no problem with anyone having as many children as they would like as long as they are able to raise them in a stable, loving, respectful environment and provide basic necessities for them without help or begging. Unfortunately this does not seem to be the situation that the octuplets and other children of Nadya Suleman were born into.

    I see that the grandfather will be on Oprah on Tuesday asking people “not to take it out on the children”. Um, wake up, Mister! The fact that I am not willing to foot the bill for your messed up daughter is not the problem. YOU and your family are the ones who are taking it out on the children by trying to keep 14 of them when you do not have the means to do it! If you truly cared for those kids, you would talk your wacko daughter into giving them up for adoption to loving families who could afford them.

  2. Reportedly, she is receiving a couple million for exclusive rights to photos, etc. of the eight babies. She is also reportedly looking at a McMansion that costs over a million dollars. Meanwhile the taxpayers of California are looking at paying a couple million in hospital bills. If California’s welfare system doesn’t cut her off and force her to use the money for the debts she is incurring, the California taxpayers should revolt!

  3. MJ – You make a good point. Future Husband and I are acquainted with a family who are currently expecting child #13. I’ve been to their house once and I gotta say – it’s not something that I’d choose for myself, but their kids are all polite, well adjusted, loved … and that family is not in debt either.

    Nance – I’ll be interested to see what happens regarding the millions Suleman will recieve for photos, etc.

    In the meantime, I’m still just shaking my head.

  4. MJ – you hit the nail on the head. I agree. If this mom is getting millions in picture deals, I’m afraid it’s all going to get blown on stuff that isn’t necessary. I saw that CNN show too and it’s not fair to compare the Duggars with the Octomom. They are worlds apart.
    I realized the other day why this Ocotomom upsets me – (other than the obvious reasons) – I am jealous of her. She gets to experience giving life to 14 babies…gets to revel in the miracle of life over and over again. I’ve had 2 kids and I think that’s all I can handle, yet her selfish needs get granted and she does whatever she wants to do. No money? No problem! She’ll just mooch of her parents or the state or find other people to bail her out. But the rest of us who try to be responsible and not give into every little whim, have to make the tough, mature, and not always fun decisions.

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