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A new month

Although the timecard at work tells me that today is February 29, it is definitely March and since this month is coming in like a lion (snow on the ground, cold weather, etc.), I hope the cliche that this month will go out like a lamb is true.

There are a couple of things that I’m looking forward to this month – Future Husband and I are going to be married in a little less than two months and we’re trying to tie off some loose ends; I have a bridal shower scheduled for the middle of this month – and while I’m slowly warming to the idea of all things bridal-related, I’m more excited that springtime means … gardening!

JD at Get Rich Slowly has had an ongoing series that chronicles JD and his wife’s garden project. They are long-time hobby gardeners and have been changing their approach to see how much savings they net by harvesting their own crops.

Last year, I experimented with some container gardening to see what would work and ended up with what I jokingly told my friends was the “garden sponsored by Tidy Cat” because I reused the buckets from my cat’s litter. I also reused some other plastics from the recycling bin, creating something of an eyesore of a container garden. This year probably won’t be much different, except I want to expand my tomato kingdom (ultimate goal would be to eventually be able to can/freeze what I harvest from my gardens) and I’m going to try and do some more stuff to enhance our yard’s landscaping.


It’s March, toward the middle of the month I’m going to start my tomato plants from seed (I’m inordinately proud of how I grew last year’s plants from seed) and I’m also going to hit the library to find out some information about a couple perennials that I’m thinking about putting in our yard.


Like JD, I’m going to try and keep a spreadsheet that will track how much I spend and how much I reap from my garden project. I know that are going to be some upfront expenses that we will need to shell out (I’ve already asked FH if some of our wedding money can go towards landscaping), but I’m looking forward to what FH and I gain from gardening.

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6 thoughts on “A new month

  1. I am going to container grow some tomatoes this year myself. I live fairly low temp climate, but I placing them on the very sheltered south side of the house so I hope they produce! Love the tidy cat containers, great job!

  2. I have such a black thumb, it’s ridiculous. Lucky for me, when we finally have some kind of outdoor space, my husband will run rampant with the veggies.

    However, on the topic of decorating, I really do kick a$$ most of the time, so as I was reading this, I came up with a way for you to turn your tidy cat containers into sort of modern art, and for only a few bucks. (Though your line about the garden sponsored by Tidy Cat cracked me up!)

    Contact paper!! How pretty would this blue fabric paper be? Or fake stainless steel, which was my first thought? I found the blue later, thought that was more your style, and it’s mighty cheap too. See what you can get at your local HD and save postage–and prettier and cheaper than buying matching pots.

    Heck, you could even cut strips to go between the ridges near the top to make it more integrated-looking. Love the fact that you’re recycling no matter what you do!

  3. Kate – I’m about five minutes from having you come over and help future husband and I decorate. I think if I sent you pictures of our house, you might just cry. 🙂

    Love the ideas for the TC containers though … I found some really neat ideas last year for decorating the terra cotta pots that I have. I’ll have a great garden yet. 🙂

  4. The copper would look good, too.

    I’d be happy to come over and help out, like I said, I LOVE this stuff, and I’ve learned to do a lot of it on a budget for myself.

    Another resource would be to submit pics to Sherry and John over at This Young House, I love their blog, and she does that kind of thing via the internet (and if anything, you could be inspired by what other people would do).

    Also, consider what you can do in stages and in what order your preference is/what looks good in the meantime. Painting the walls is easier and cheaper than trying to find the right rug, most of the time, but then you can do some now and save for later. But having a cohesive plan upfront can sometimes help with picking out colors, pricing out stuff, prioritizing, etc.

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