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I will do one thing today …

I’ve been a little overwhelmed lately, which … upon reading that sentence, I’m underwhelmed by the words itself. A “little” underwhelmed? There are days when it feels like getting out of bed should net me a Nobel Prize. These are the days where there is not enough coffee in the world to dent my stupor, not enough chocolate to soothe my emotional needs and time? Ha! Time hopped the last train to Chicago some time ago and I’m still stuck in the station wondering where it went. (I’m pondering while my co-worker Toby tells me that there’s some dude who constructed a version of Minas Tirith – that’s from The Two Towers, folks – out of matchsticks. Now that is a person who had too much time on his hands.)

So when I saw this article from a blog I subscribe to with the heading “I Will Do One Thing Today,” I must say – I was intrigued. And I thought that whoever came up with this concept was the biggest slacker in the whole wide world.

But the more I thought about it – the more it made a bit of sense. My “to-do” list at work seems neverending, but there towards the bottom are one or two larger projects that I’ve put off because they aren’t time sensitive and in the midst of more urgent projects, I’ve never really had the time to devote to them. But when I look at my list, I feel kind of defeated … because these projects constantly remind me that I’m really bad at time management (or that my “to-do” list will never be totally done?)

So this concept – that you start your day with the goal of accomplishing one thing … it isn’t so weird to me after all … now time to finish hanging those banners that seem to fall under the “other jobs as needed” portion of my job description.

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