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I keep running across interesting articles that I want to share with all of you, but they are marooned in my inbox, lost somewhere between the constant emails I get from wedding vendors (I will be unsubscribing from ALL things wedding related soon! As in 25 days!); the Facebook messages; the cooking emails I subscribe to, etc. I’m hoping that life will slow down soon so I can write coherent and helpful articles. 🙂

The credit cards are at $4,665. I got another statement in the mail yesterday, so it hasn’t been deducted from the tally, but I’m below the 5k mark. I just wish that those numbers would go down faster. I’ve paid off my car insurance and the next chunk of my money will be going to the IRS, so if I do make a dent it’s going to be in little increments. A lot of the “extra” money that I have has been going towards gifts for various members of our wedding party. As much as Future Husband and I are looking forward to our wedding, we look forward to our lives returning to some sort of “normal” state where he isn’t burning CDs for wedding favors and I’m not stressing about the missing addresses on the guest list.

This past weekend was kind of odd – but in a good way. I had a friend over – she’s the unemployed ex-newspaper employee that I told you about from before. She’s still searching for a job, she’s been going a bit stir crazy at home, so I had her over and although I took a weekend off from the cab company and probably spent more money than I normally would on a weekend, I really enjoyed myself. And I really enjoyed sleeping in until 8:30. With the 6 a.m. shifts I typically work at the cab company, I haven’t done that in so long. The simple act of getting to wake up whenever the heck I wanted to, coupled with getting to sit in my favorite chair in my pajamas and enjoy my morning coffee … wow. It was heavenly.

I will be out some money because I missed work this past weekend, but the mental break that I got was totally worth it.

I hope that you all are well.

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