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Gardening update

OK – March hasn’t been the banner year that I want it to be in terms of my gardening progress. But hey – I got some Roma tomatoes started, so that’s a small start.

Here’s the spreadsheet that I’ve started. I guess what I’m trying to accomplish in this inaugural year is to see how much it costs to grow my garden and how much I get in return.

So far I’ve spent $16.29 on gardening supplies – this includes seeds (tomatoes, some herbs), peat discs to start my seeds and I got sucked into buying one of those Topsy Turvy upside down tomato planters. I am intrigued to see if the thing actually works and if so, that means I can maximize my limited space for my garden.

I used a clear spinach salad container to start my Romas (my incessant desire to recycle household containers is enough to drive my Future Husband nuts.) I need to dig out the other plastic greenhouse I bought last spring for the rest of my seedlings.


Here’s another frugal resource to try a container garden, although when I originally read it I was taken aback by the work involved and how ugly said container looked. (Yes, I recognize this irony considering my garden is sponsored by Tidy Cat. :))

I’ve also found myself asking a lot of questions regarding the sorts of plants that I can grow in my backyard. (I would love to tackle hydrangeas someday and recently realized that blueberries wouldn’t be the smartest thing I would ever attempt to plant). Obviously, the public library is a wonderful resource, but I also signed up for an e-newsletter from the University of Minnesota’s Extension Office. State universities and their horticulture programs are excellent resources for gardeners. If you’re looking for your state’s Extension office, I’d recommend hitting the web.

My gardening goals for this month are to start more of my seedlings (more tomatoes) and to repot some houseplants that I received from my grandma’s funeral. I can’t wait until the weather is warmer!

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2 thoughts on “Gardening update

  1. We have our seedlings going! The hard part will be actually getting the garden set up and fenced in so the deer and other wild animals don’t get to it…

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