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Know what month this is?

April will be my future wedding anniversary date, it marks the birthday of my youngest nephew Joe (who lived for the first two years of his life with the unfortunate moniker of “Pork”) and my cousin Kelly’s birthday.

Now that I’ve regaled you with all of the dates that I will soon forget (maybe not the wedding anniversary one, but give it a few years), April has another significance to it in the financial world … there are no Hallmark cards for this, but this is Financial Literacy Month.

According to Wikipedia – which isn’t the most reliable source of information, but it’s better than the consumer credit management firm that’s also sponsoring financial literacy activities – the recognition of this month started in 2000. (Funny – I graduated from college in 2000 … and probably already had about $2,000 in debt racked up from those credit cards whose applications seemed to show up every other week in my SPO – Student Post Office – box.)

I’m still pondering what I’m going to do to educate myself this month on financial literacy … there have been a ton of books coming out lately that have been highly touted by other financial bloggers – I might have to make my way to the library and see what the fuss is about.

What are you going to do for financial literacy month?

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