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Some other not so deep thoughts …

Thanks to everyone who commented on the “deep thoughts” post. Oh wait – I forgot a couple of “ee’s” in the deep … but thanks to all of you guys.

Starting a family has been a recurring conversation that Future Husband and I have been having (OK – maybe this is a deeep thought …). Our wedding is less than 20 days away and although the production of a family is not the only reason we’re getting married – Future Hubby and I are in our 30s, we both love children and we’re both operating under the assumption that we’re going to be decent parents (him probably more than me if I have to be bluntly honest – he’ll be the stable influence, I’ll be the free spirit that lets the kids finger paint on the kitchen walls – just kidding honey!).

Having said all of this, kids won’t be part of the grand plan right after our wedding (much to the dismay of our mothers, most likely). And the biggest reason? It’s all financial, baby. FH’s job isn’t permanent yet and although it seems that we’re achingly close to a full-time gig that has higher pay and great benefits, we’re not there yet. Also – my credit card debt – below the 5k mark, but still very much a monkey on my back – is not paid off yet.

These are the two things we want to hurdle before we think about tormenting the world with our spawn. My conviction was bolstered the other day when I read this article at JD Roth’s blog “Get Rich Slowly” the other day. JD’s been writing about the different stages of personal finance lately and brought in another blogger to talk about the high cost of having children. This writer’s decision to have kids has trapped her in the second stage of personal finance, where they have a larger cash cushion, but are investing less in their retirement and are making slower progress on paying down their debt.

Although most of my readers have loudly expressed that if FH and I wait until we have enough money to have kids, we’ll be stuck with the Evil Cat forever, having my debt paid off first is very important. If there was ever something wrong with our kid, or if some exotic illness struck at FH or I, it’s hard to imagine trying to balance a mortgage, child costs and my credit card debt at the same time.

This article just reassured me that although we’re going to have to wait a little bit longer for kids, it’s going to be worth it.

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2 thoughts on “Some other not so deep thoughts …

  1. Middle ground is good. We wanted to be EXTREMELY prepared before having kids, and some would argue too much. BUT on the flip side, having children has considerably slowed our forward progress. Indeed! But we were prepared enough that we can truly enjoy their young lives.

    We were young enough we could have entertained paying off the house first, but I don’t think it would have been wise/practical. One can easily put their life way too much on hold in order to achieve more security. Few around here talk about the price that sometimes comes with going too extreme in the other direction.

    It sounds reasonable to wait a little while in your case. Good Luck!

  2. The most important thing is that you are giving the decision a lot of thought. Whatever you decide, it’ll be the right one for your family.

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