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A net worth update

I updated my net worth on the NetworthIQ site today.

If my debt reduction journey is like a marathon, I’m somewhere in the middle where my lungs are beginning to scream at me and my ass is beginning to drag. I’m hoping that my second wind will come after the wedding and that I’ll be able to make a fast sprint to the finish line.

The wedding is 15 days away and while Future Husband and I have always kept our financial future in our conversations, our thoughts and musings are becoming very real. For instance, getting my name on the mortgage and on some of the other bills for the house; consolidating our auto and home insurance policies; using his tax refund to help pay for what I’ll owe the government (shame on me, I haven’t even touched my taxes yet – that’s a job for this weekend) and so on. I’m just excited that our marriage will allow me to put him on my work insurance plan. I keep telling him that I’ll be his sugar mama and he just rolls his eyes.

I think in the immediate future we’re going to maintain our separate bank accounts. The money we’re getting from the wedding will go to his checking account although I’m advocating to put it in an ING Direct account where it will accrue some interest before we decide what we’ll do with the money.

I just want to be done paying off my credit cards. I worked both jobs yesterday and came home extraordinarily exhausted and kind of frustrated at how much time I spend working. (And yes – I know I’m fortunate to not just have one, but two jobs) But I miss my outlet of creative writing, haven’t been to my city’s public library since last summer and I sometimes feel bad about how much of the housework FH gets saddled with because I’m gone all the time, but I keep telling myself that it’s something that needs to be done. And that it will be worth it when I cross the finish line.

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3 thoughts on “A net worth update

  1. Here’s a suggestion re: library. Regardless of how you commute, try books on CD. If you take public transportation, you can always rip them to your iPod.

  2. I can only imagine how stressful two jobs must be I can barely keep my sanity with just one. Good luck as you continue to pay down your debt!

  3. Hi,

    Your debt reduction journey is very stressful since you are managed two jobs. But I am appreciating your effort in debt reduction. You are missing something which makes you some depress on yourself but your effort in debt reduction is astonishing that very few can even imagine about.

    All the best for your effort in making debt reduction as well as updating your net worth and this can really a platform for the seekers who wants to reduce their debts.

    Kriss Martin

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