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I am back and I am married

Hey everyone … I’ll be getting back to regular posts shortly, but I just wanted to say hello and to thank everyone for the well wishes.

The wedding went off without a hitch (a few bits of drama here and there, but they all resolved themselves by 3:30 on Saturday afternoon) and although I’m sure I’ll never remember every single details – here’s a couple that I want to share:

– Husband and I rarely hold hands. We’re more the kind of people who link arms. So during the rehearsal at the church on Friday night, we were standing in front of the altar with our arms linked. Hubby had a deathgrip on my hand during the entire church ceremony. It was a sweaty deathgrip on both of our parts, but it was kind of endearing.

– I didn’t end up needing a handkerchief, although I had a dinner napkin down my bodice just in case. (That would have been fun to fish out in front of the pastor …). But as I was telling dad that I didn’t have a handkerchief, he at first offered me his, but then he ran back and grabbed me said napkin. The reason he didn’t give me his hankie (other than the fact that it looked suspiciously used)? He was carrying my late grandpa Stan’s handkerchief in his pocket. It had my grandpa’s initial on it. I love my dad for that detail.

– I can’t wait to see pictures of me walking up the aisle with my dad. I was so afraid that my face would turn beet red when everyone turned around to look at me, but my husband assures me that I had a grin on my face as wide as Texas. I honestly felt like I won the karmic lottery at that moment.

– Singing karaoke with my maid of honor/cousin during the reception. She claims that she doesn’t sing karaoke, but when she does (and honestly – it’s quite often), she sings the song “Brand New Key” by Melanie. And it cracks me up, so she sang it in my honor during the wedding dance and I joined in. I’m sure that my in-laws think that I’m a nut. (Side note – we didn’t know this until our aunt told us this, but this was one of my late grandpa’s favorite songs when he drove school bus.)

– Hubby’s aunt C got up for one dance and I tell you folks – when she dances, she DANCES. The song was “Mony, Mony” and man alive – C and my mother-in-law were just kicking up their heels. I was … amazed.

I had a wonderful day and I’m ready again to tackle the debt journey. It’s good to be back, friends.

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5 thoughts on “I am back and I am married

  1. Congratulations!! Great highlights. Thanks for sharing. I love the one about your dad and the handkerchief.

  2. Congratulations!! It sounds like it was a great time. You will remember that feeling for a very long time. April is our wedding month, too! We’ve been married 13. Best wishes to many years ahead for you.

  3. Congratulations on your wedding. Mine was the happiest of my life to that point and now each day I spend with the wife is an even more happier day in my life.

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