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Random updates

Well – the Husband and I have not seen hide nor hair of our neighbor since the gas card incident. I thought about that today because my gas gauge is hovering at less than a quarter of a tank and $15 would put me near full (I love the Rattling Death Trap – it doesn’t take much to fill that tank.) So I chalk this up to karma – Hubby and I were talking last night and we both know how lucky we are. The house is in no danger of foreclosure, we have a pantry full of food, a fridge and a freezer full of wedding leftovers, we have a great relationship and we’re both gainfully employed. That’s a lot to be thankful for.


I’ll be posting a garden update tomorrow with pictures. It’s been dreary in Minnesota this week, so I haven’t been able to snap a picture of my lovely tomato plants. I’m kind of a one-trick pony when it comes to my gardening ability, but tomatoes are probably one of my favorite foods in the whole world … I would really like to be able to can some bounty this year if possible.


I am officially on my husband’s bank account now and I change my name on my personal checking account tomorrow. We’re not merging accounts yet, but since many of the checks written to us for our wedding were to “Mr. and Mrs.,” the bank wanted me on Hubby’s account. We’re still up in the air about what we’re going to do about our accounts. For the time being, I am keeping my accounts as-is because of my debt. When we’re done, we might go to a joint account. Or we might actually bank at the same institution but keep separate accounts.


I loved the debate on the seat infringement post – thanks Deb and Jay for your candid thoughts and comments. And to Anne and lizajane as well. And I’m still up in the air (yet not on an airplane, thank you … :)) about the whole situation. And I guess some of the comments made in the original BusinessWeek article bothered me because I know a lot of overweight people who are either in the process of losing weight or struggling to lose weight (I fit in the former and the latter.). The bald perceptions and statements that people made in that article were stunning because these people don’t care if their seatmate is a member of Weight Watchers or is a 300 pound man who has trimmed down from 350 pounds. They simply see inconvenience. I think the world needs a bit more patience – for the debt ridden, for the mothers with screaming children on airplanes, for the fat, for the slow, for the fella who is constantly on their cell phone while in line at the grocery store … I just needed cilantro! Not chapter and verse on your date last night, buddy! But thank you guys for the debate – I love the fact that people read this blog.


Finally, a shout-out to my blogger-in-arms Beks who wrote this hilarious post. She ran out of her food budget and had to get creative with what she had in her house. I’m now inspired to do that in my own life and to see how long I can go without grocery shopping. Sadly – I am my mother’s daughter and could probably survive Armageddon with what’s in my pantry, freezer and fridge. I think I have a culinary challenge coming on.

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3 thoughts on “Random updates

  1. I don’t remember if I’ve chimed in on joint accounts or not, but I’ve had plenty of discussion about it based on the inability of many of the couples I know to be legally married. Two things that seem to consistently come through (besides the obvious “do what works for you!”) –

    1) if you both have jobs, keeping separate accounts seems to make everyone happier – or having 3 accounts makes sense – two separate and one joint for the joint things like bills, or joint savings for vacations or whatever. I can’t count the number of times I saw my mom struggling to balance the checkbook trying to figure out what my dad had been doing, what this chicken scratch meant, or getting mad that he spent such and such dollars on something. Why they didn’t have separate accounts is beyond me (but then they ended up divorced, so there were probably underlying problems, but I digress…) I’ve heard that consistently from couples friends that it’s just better to have your own financial space.

    2) If you’re married, the good news is that even if you have separate accounts, your spouse is automatically first in line to have control of everything if something should happen to you, so there’s no huge legal worry. If you aren’t married – either by choice or because it’s not possible 🙁 you have to make sure you put second names on everything, name beneficiaries, and probably spell it all out in a legal document too.

  2. I vote for seperate accounts too. Banking at the same institution makes sense though. Make a plan for who is going to be responsible for what bills, how much you are going to save each month, etc. My husband and I have done this successfully when we were both employed and now that I’ve been staying at home I still get a portion of his take home pay for bills and my budgeted expenses.

  3. Thanks for the shout out! I can’t wait to see what you come up with – just don’t copy my AWFUL meal!

    As for the bank accounts, my husband and I had separate accounts for our first year. We fought constantly. Who would pay for the groceries? Who would pay the rent? I would ask him for money to cover the bills and he wouldn’t have any. I felt like I was living with a roommate and not my husband. We’ve had a joint account for 4 years and I haven’t regretted it a day since.

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