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Quick question for my readers …

I was at Staples today getting some ink for work and the guy printed off my receipt which came with a survey that I could complete over the phone or on the Internet. The gist of the survey was to give feedback how the customer service was (I adore the guys at Staples – almost all of them know me by face and by my paper preference … sick I know) and to enter myself for a chance at a $5,000 shopping spree. (At Staples – it’s the inner English major in me, but oh that would be divine.)

I’ve noticed a lot of receipts these days that include such lingo – go online and do this quick survey for a chance at a shopping spree. What’s the consensus out here … good opportunity or complete waste of time? (PS – My two cents … I never do them, this is why I’m wondering if I’m squandering opportunity.)

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6 thoughts on “Quick question for my readers …

  1. I’d fill them out if your experience was good or bad. The chance of winning the money is slim, but I like to share when I have a particularly good or bad experience – those surveys have mostly always been there.

    Anyway, they can be a bit time consuming. But read all your receipts. Burger King offers a free sandwhich simply for filling their survey out (you can only redeem one a month). I’ll take the time always for a guaranteed free sandwhich.

  2. I don’t know anyone who has won anything doing those surveys yet, but… if you have the time to fill them out, especially online, then I don’t see why not. I’ve done couple myself.

  3. I haven’t done them. Some are better offers, though. I’ve had some that gave you a discount off your next purchase, not just a possibility of winning something. Those are probably worth doing as long as you are sure you’ll make use of the discount.

  4. Seriously… I fill those things out ALL the time. I never win but one day, when I win that $5,000 shopping spree from Target, it will be worth it.

    OK, so I’ll never win. But the hope keeps me going.

  5. The ones from Arbys send you a free coupon for a free sandwhich. So, you get the sandwhich and get another receipt and do it again. Our preacher has been bragging he has had a free sandwhich a week now for 4 months.

  6. I never do the ones that just promise “a chance to win.” On the other hand, I always do the ones that give me a freebie (Albertson’s gives a free loaf of french bread; Burger King and Arby’s give free sandwiches) or a discount (Payless Shoes gives $2 off the next purchase; Staples once gave a $5 coupon that could be used on any purchase over $6).

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