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Day 2 – Chocolate chip cookies and a French press

Yeah, that title makes this “no-spend” thing sound like a piece of cake, eh? 🙂

I think the toughest thing about this “no-spend” month is breaking some of my little rituals.

A ritual I’ve started on weekends working at the cab company is stopping by the Kwik Trip on South Broadway and grabbing a 20 oz. dark roast coffee with about an inch of French Vanilla creamer in it. One of the things I started enjoying about this habit was that I’d run into my coworker/dispatcher Bill at the Kwik Trip and as stupid as it sounds – it was a neat little ritual (unless he stole all of the bacon burritos off of the roller grill for his breakfast – the bacon ones are my favorite too.) It served as a calm before the “cab” storm and it was nice in winter knowing that there was a Dodge Durango behind my Rattling Death Trap (Saturn sedan) in case we went into a ditch or got stuck.

I changed up my ritual today. Instead of making my way to Kwik Trip, I got out the new French press that our friends got us for a wedding present, put my Folgers in the bottom, set my water to boil (and I’ve been paranoid all morning that I forgot to turn off the stove since then … which is stupid, but it was 5:20 a.m., I’m not my most coherent at that hour.), made my coffee, packed lunch and breakfast and headed out the door.

So where do the chocolate chip cookies come in? Bill always buys treats when he stops at Kwik Trip. I got to snag a couple with my French pressed (read: super strong!) coffee.

So Day 2 isn’t too bad. Then again, it’s 8 a.m. and I’m stuck at the cab company – there’s not a lot of spending temptation here. 🙂

One challenge? I had some Greek yogurt this morning with some cut up strawberries. I love Greek yogurt – I eat it instead of sour cream on baked potatoes, it is an integral part of my curries, but I had never really ate it plain. So I’m wondering if I have oatmeal at home so I can whip up some homemade granola to sweeten up my yogurt. If not – I’ll make do without it. 🙂

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