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I’m catching up on my email inbox this morning and am finding some nice little financial nuggets out there in the blogosphere:

** Update on May 3, 2009 **

My friend Sarah had sent me this article before the wedding. So of course, I’m finally reading this two weeks later. 🙂

This is interesting, because it’s about a pair of researchers who are studying the effects of “the tragedy of impulse saving” as opposed to what I frequently kvetch about – impulse buying.

25 Solid Gold Ways to Save – OK, so I don’t watch Oprah on a regular basis (in fact, the last time I think I watched Oprah was about three or four years ago …), but I subscribe to almost all of her newsletters and have found some really good advice in her financial articles.

The little nugget ‘o joy that I found in this one was the suggestion to buy eyeglasses online … you just take your last prescription and order online. Since I primarily wear contacts, this might actually work for me. (The last time my glasses were replaced was in 2003.) Anyone else out there ever try this?


So … how worried are you about the Swine Flu? Well – I’m not … but there was this article listing what you should do to prepare for a pandemic. And to be honest? I think that between the contents of my pantry and my solid Midwestern “you never know when a blizzard/tornado/flood etc., will pop up” upbringing, I’m feeling relatively safe. Just don’t sneeze anywhere near me.


Heh … I found a recipe for dandelion wine. I’m not much of a wine maker, but I love wine and honestly? There’s nothing better than dandelion wine when it’s made well. There was a friend of my family who made killer batches of dandelion wine that he’d bring to my mom in old Seagrams whiskey bottles. Unfortunately this gentleman died this spring, so who knows – maybe this is a skill that I should learn?

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3 thoughts on “Around the blogosphere

  1. It is great to buy glasses on line for single vision lenses, but don’t do it for progressive lenses! Been there done that.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that your link for the dandelion wine takes you to the article on swine flu! 🙂

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