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April’s gardening update

I am just getting around to posting about how April went for my ongoing gardening adventure. Apologies!!


My Roma tomatoes are going like gangbusters and I’m really excited about the abundance of fruit I will have spread throughout the year.

One of my problems that I had when I started gardening last year was that all of the seasoned and experienced gardeners I knew started harvesting their tomatoes way before mine were even turning from green to red. Part of the reason is that I start my tomatoes from seed and I had started them too late in the season. They turned out fine, but I’ve tried to stagger my seeding this year so I can enjoy tomatoes throughout the summer.

In April, I spent $22.43 on more gardening stuff (here’s the spreadsheet) – peat pots for my seedling babies, more peat discs, some rosemary seeds, catnip seeds and a clearance-item herb garden. I think the clearance item herb garden will prove to be a waste of money, but I liked the container and it included thyme, oregano and lavender – all aromatic herbs that I want to grow this season.

I had a revelation though as I sat outside tonight and tended to my tomato plants – I really don’t think I have a clue what I’m doing. My tomato seedlings were started in peat discs, I’ve now taken the discs and put them into peat pots. They will eventually end up in Tidy Cat containers. Is the peat pot an extra step that I don’t need to take? It probably is considering I recycled Coke bottles and yogurt containers for last year’s tomato effort. But I really love gardening … it’s probably overkill, but I love tinkering with my plants.

A question for you veteran gardeners out there … I was talking to my grandma over the wedding weekend and she was telling me that she heard if you put a whole egg at the bottom of your container for tomato plants, it will increase its yield and produce exceptional tomatoes. We’re going to try it and compare notes at the end of the season … but has anyone else ever heard of this?


Spending update: I was almost tempted by takeout on Monday when I stood in my kitchen Monday morning and wondered what the heck I was going to eat for lunch that day. But then I remembered the abundance of cheesy potatoes that I had frozen from the wedding. They made a good lunch. Probably not the healthiest lunch, but it was better than spending the money on takeout.

However, I am out of garlic and I need to use up some celery and carrots that are languishing in my fridge, so I’m making a vegetable stock tonight. I need an entire bulb of garlic – so I bought four. For a buck. I love garlic.

Spending (Monday): $1.00

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1 thought on “April’s gardening update

  1. I have heard that egg shells at calcium to your garden 🙂 And calcium is suppose to be very beneficial to tomato plants. I haven’t heard about the whole egg theory, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. The only thing that I would worry about is rotten egg smell if it doesn’t disolve into the soil right away.

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