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The power of DIY

OK – I’m going to be bragging a bit here. And truly, I don’t have a lot to brag about because I didn’t do much of this, but this has been my husband’s DIY landscaping project.

When we moved into our house, it was very apparent to us that a lot of updates were made, oh – in the early 1980s, maybe late 1970s. That also went for the landscaping.

This is what the backyard looked like at the beginning of last summer:


Husband and I tore out the existing (rotting) railroad ties, a pair of benches that would have collapsed if a toddler had sat on them and tried (vainly) to pick up some of the rock that was used to line the outside of this weird, weed infested garden bed. On the weekends while I was at the cab company, Hubby spent those lonely hours constructing a beautiful retaining wall.

Now we just have to finish putting in the landscape fabric, glue on some more wall caps and I get to plant some perennials that will serve as ground cover.

Here’s the almost finished project:


We still need to replace the wooden fence that you see leaning in the photo. (What you don’t see are the pallets that are supporting the fence further up in the photos. Our theorem is that our neighbors were playing basketball and accidentally ran into the fence, which nearly knocked the whole damn thing over. I can’t be mad at the neighbors – a fence just probably shouldn’t do that.)

I’ve enjoyed watching my husband work on this project. He is very proud (and rightfully so) of his hard work and what it will eventually do for the resale value of our home. Hubby estimates that he’s spent about $300-350 in materials to construct the wall, most of which was bought when the bricks were on sale.

This project has also inspired us to look at other parts of our landscaping and figure out – what can we do to update what the previous homeowner did? We’ve also found out that using a little elbow grease and doing these projects ourselves will save us money in the long run.

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4 thoughts on “The power of DIY

  1. Yeah, is he for hire???? 🙂 We’re (slowly) getting some things done but getting the time and motivation is difficult – seeing these pictures helps motivate me though!

  2. Joan – Hubby used concrete blocks/stones for the wall. The foundation is sand used to level out the ground. That wall is standing up by the grace of the soil behind it. 🙂

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