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Does using cash count?

On April 30, the Husband and I went to a charity wine tasting and I fell in love with a bottle of cabernet that was especially tasty and priced extraordinarily well at $9. I had a 10 spot in my pocket and signed up for a bottle, which I assumed I could buy that night. Well, I was wrong and the Piper came calling this week for me to pick up my bottle of wine. But I still had that 10-spot from April 30th and used that to pay for the wine.

Despite this, I think I did OK yesterday. Friday was another draining day at work and by the time I got home last night, I was alone because the Husband went to his folks’ house for Mother’s Day weekend and I really didn’t feel like cooking. But I made some shrimp (we had shrimp at the wedding, I had a massive bag of leftovers in the freezer which I’m eating this weekend) and kept myself busy – hence keeping myself from spending money.

Thursday – .89 – eggs at Kwik Trip. I was going to try my hand at homemade pasta on Friday. I did laundry instead.

Friday – $9.86 for wine; $30 – prescription; $3.86 – groceries … shrimp cocktail (I didn’t have horseradish and ketchup to make my own) and granola bars.

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