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Mother’s Day, A-ha! moments, etc.

First and foremost, happy mother’s day to all the mothers out there. I have been privileged to have a wonderful mother, I have been lucky to acquire another mother (in-law) this year and some of my friends are incredible moms who continue to inspire me with their humor, their creativity and their patience.

My folks came up yesterday – they garage sale’d their way all the way to Rochester and brought me a hoe and a bunch of cookbooks. (Also a VHS copy of “Dances with Wolves” – SCORE!) My mom got a copy of a photography book that I bought shortly after the wedding and miraculously did not notice that she didn’t have a card. (I suck at buying cards and even if I buy cards, they usually linger in my household for about a year after the date in question.)

And although I was really excited to see my folks anyway, I had been looking forward to Saturday all week because my dad is somewhat predictable. Get him in my city or any major city with an Old Country Buffet, that is where he’ll take us out to dinner. (I even save up coupons for the occasion.) And given that my fridge is emptying and the combinations of meals that I’ve been making have been bordering on strange and unusual, I was looking forward to eating something that I hadn’t cobbled together and food items that genuinely go together.

The meal was decent and the conversation awesome, but it also made me realize something about my “experiment” of sorts. Cleaning out my pantry and trying not to spend money frivolously has made me live more intentionally. I still enjoy my father’s beloved buffet and I know that I still love to go out to eat, but I don’t know – I just feel more mindful and feel like the limits I’ve set recently are bringing me a strange peaceful existence. (Either that or I really do need to drink more coffee before I write these blog posts in the morning.)


I’ve been having a hard time at work this week. And that sucks in and of itself, but then I saw this article from the New York Times.

I had a really weird a-ha moment when I read this article, because it’s about women who bully other women in the workplace. Although I’ve never been the true brunt of this behavior, there is some definite bullying that goes on in my office and man alive … although I feel oddly comforted that this is a rampant practice and that I’m just watching sociology at work, I’m wondering if I should just go work in the garden department at Lowe’s and escape the corporate world entirely.

I rarely get bullied, but the fact that this sort of behavior exists at all really stinks.


Spending report (Saturday): $18.36. Stamp prices go up tomorrow (Monday). I deposited my cab check at the ATM and bought a couple of books of the Forever stamps. I’m only saving a couple of cents, but I figure it’s money well spent.

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1 thought on “Mother’s Day, A-ha! moments, etc.

  1. Since I started logging my quest to be debt free, I too, have found that I’m much more conscious of my purchases. Like this guy at work asked me to join their lottery pool, and I gave him all the money from my wallet (only $3), but then I felt incredible guilty and went back and asked for a $1 back. I felt like such a dork, but it still felt right. Also, just wanted to say that I am super-enjoying your witty little blog you have!

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