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Temptation comes in the form of green salad

This is the 12th day of the no-spend experiment and although I’ve not been perfect (ahem – garden gnomes bought with wedding money), I’m particularly challenged today.

First and foremost – Hubby and I are having a friend over for supper tonight. She’s bringing the chips and ice cream, I’m going to go to the grocery store tonight to get some stuff to grill. So is my freezer darn near empty? Almost, but not quite. I have some leftover deer meat in there, as well as a couple of bone-in chicken breasts and some ham hocks. My dear friend doesn’t eat deer meat and even though I’m trying to be frugal, the main chef in her family (her husband) is in Sweden for over a week. Since she’s bringing ice cream and has been spending some intense one-on-one time with her 2-year-old over the past week, I’ll spring for her favorite chicken kabobs. And beer. Still cheaper than going out, but it’s still frivolous.

The “eating of the pantry” has been going pretty well. I finally conquered my fear of dried beans and have used up a pound of pintos (lunch, breakfast and dinner for three days) and have been eating black bean soup since Sunday. I stretched it yesterday by adding a couple cups of cooked rice. So when lunchtime rolled around today, I found myself dreaming of salad or asparagus … something green, fresh and lovely that wasn’t in the shape of grain or bean.

“My readers won’t know if I go out to eat,” my brain craftily told me as I started rolling through my options – Panera Bread, a salad from Target, Jimmy Johns, the salad bar at Hyvee. But I do want to try my best, so I heated up my beans and rice. And they were actually pretty kick ass on the second day of eating.

What am I learning from all of this? I don’t know. I know that I’m not perfect (*cough* garden gnomes!), but it’s very cool to know that most of my cab paycheck is still sitting in my checking account waiting to be spent on a credit card payment. It’s also nice to see room opening up in my pantry and my freezer and knowing that eventually I’ll shop again and that I’m getting away from processed foods.

Sunday: Money was spent, let me tally up my charges and get back to you.
Monday: Nuttin’ honey.
Tuesday: To be determined.

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5 thoughts on “Temptation comes in the form of green salad

  1. You do know you can sprout seeds? When I was way, way younger, back in neolithic times, I was living on $10 a week, and would sprout seeds and even pinto beans in the winter when fresh veggies were expensive. They were wonderful to munch on and get lots of vitamins and yet have the feeling of eating something alive and crisp.

    The pinto beans turned white and green and i would cook them and mash them. Darn – now I’m hungry.

    Miz Pat

  2. maybe in preparation for your next ‘eat out of the pantry’ adventure, you could grow some lettuce from seeds a few weeks before 🙂 i just planted some seeds a week ago and they have sprouted. if it’s too cold, just use a small pot inside.

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