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Day 16: Getting the hang of things?

OK – I’m on Day 16 of my “no-spend” challenge and things are going OK. I can’t say that I’m perfect, but I can say that my pantry is slowly clearing out, I’ve not spent more money than I’ve earned and that I should be able to make a tidy credit card payment at the end of this month. (Between what I pay my debt consolidation company and what I hope to spend from my various paychecks could be $600? I could pay one off, fingers crossed?)


And thanks for the input on the funeral gift. Hubby and I tucked in $10 in the sympathy card we are sending. It’s not a lot of money, but it could help our friend.

Spending recap … the good, the bad and the ugly:

Friday: $19.90 – groceries. The pantry is getting bare, so we stocked up on some essentials – bread, peanut butter, milk and asparagus. No, asparagus is not an essential but it was on sale and I do love asparagus.

Thursday: $10.14 … lunch. Quick story – one of my coworkers has been having a rough time at work lately and I told her I’d go to lunch with her to hear her out. $15 – gasoline for the Rattling Death Trap. $7.92 – more stamps. $10.63 – cards, gifts, etc., for some upcoming birthdays, sympathy card, wedding, etc.

Wednesday: OK – didn’t spend anything on Wednesday.

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