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Suze Orman profile

This was an interesting article that I found online at the New York Times about Suze Orman.

I don’t know if I would say Orman’s my favorite financial writer (do I have a favorite financial writer?), but I do think she has something to say. (And she says it loudly.)

What’s the consensus? Do folks like Suze Orman? Is she overrated?

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6 thoughts on “Suze Orman profile

  1. i love suze and while i may not agree with everything she says, she has helped me get out of debt.

    she speaks with a different kind of passion that i respect. her one goal is getting people out of debt and teaching us that we can’t have everything we want just because we can make payments. she looks at the bigger picture and makes what should be important a priority.

  2. I recently saw an extended interview with Suze Orman, and have also read several articles about her. I actually don’t get a lot out of what she says, but that’s because it’s common sense – something I believe (at least money-wise) I already have. But I think it’s the thing all of us need to hear every so often – some people more than others – to remind us of financial common sense. I am SURE that if people were doing the common-sense things she talks about, our country would not be in the financial shape it is.

    I think she is much more practical and applicable to the normal person than celebrity financial analysts and writers, and if you’re going to listen to someone for financial advice, she’s probably as good as or better than anyone out there.

  3. I just caught part of her show tonight where she talked someone out of buying a squirrel monkey. (No kidding). What would we do without that kind of sound advice?!

  4. Wow, I read that whole article and it was fascinating. I had no idea about her father. It was so interesting about how her father’s death lead her to become who she is today. There’s no insurance that we’ll ever be a Suze Orman but taking her advice might bring me us a little closer.

  5. That squirrel monkey caller cracked me up. He made $600 a month and wanted to buy a $6500 monkey that was going to cost about $150 a month to keep. When she asked where he would rent that would take a monkey, he said he hadn’t thought of that. Her comment about “squirreling money away” instead of monkeys was funny too!

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