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Fidgeting with Numbers

I hate to jinx myself, but I’ve also found that if I announce this to the blogosphere, it gives me a little bit more incentive to make good with my grandiose schemes.

I owe $444 and some change on my Citi Card. After this week’s paycheck that outstanding balance should be … ZERO! And I think that I will be able to reduce another existing balance by about $100-200.

I don’t believe in rushing the time that is given to us, but man do I wish it were Friday and that I had my phone in hand, talking to the Citi Card people and making that last payment. Once this payment is made, I’ll be well below the $4,000 mark on my existing credit card debt.

I’ll be honest – I think that I take the snail’s pace when it comes to reducing my debt, but man – when I make a move, I feel like a million dollars!

So that’s part of my incentive. What’s the other part? I’m very tired of working seven days a week. Hubby and I had some quality time together yesterday and I had forgotten how great it is to sleep in – even the cat joined us Monday morning and I was overwhelmed with a wonderful sense of family. (I’m kind of a sappy schmuck – I can admit this to you guys.) And even though I didn’t as much done, it was great to know that every task I did went to the greater good of my household and wasn’t spent at an office (i.e. – dusting, I’m embarrassed to admit how long it’s been since I’ve dusted.).

Happy Tuesday folks! I’m hoping this optimism sticks with me throughout the week.

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