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One more down

ughalaual;alalalalal … OK – how is that jibberish to explain my uncontainable excitement. As soon as I got home, there was a piece of mail waiting for me.

“Oh hello, nice little Citi Card statement, it is good to see you today.” Now of course I didn’t say that, but how fortuitous that on the day that I intend to pay off a credit card, that particular statement shows up in the mail? So I made a phone call and I owed $402 on the remaining balance of said card. I ran downstairs to my Internet, clicked on my bill pay and It. Is. DONE.

Oh my friends … I used to get a rush from shopping. I used to find comfort in trying to be trendy and although some of my days are pretty darn mediocre and some days make me wish that I was still a shopping addict, I have to tell you – this is a wonderfully fine day. My total debt load? I’m under the $4,000 mark at $3,900 according to my spreadsheet (that still needs to be updated, so I could be lower than that – but I’ll take $3,900 any day of the week.)

As I’ve said in the past – I’ve utilized CareOne and their debt management program (DMP). I’m not going to sound like a commercial for them because my DMP works for me – but I’ve appreciated their assistance over the time that I’ve been trying (sometimes not so wholeheartedly) to get out of the HUGE hole that I dug for myself. According to their website, when I started paying off my Citi Card, I owed $1,075 and some change on that card.

When I started this journey in July 2006 I had $11,000 worth of debt. When I started blogging with all of you, I had about $5,500. So OK – I’m still taking the extraordinarily slow road to pay off my debt, but man – life is good today.

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