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Read this …

How ironic that I hit “publish” on my blog and switch over to MSN to read this article from Jillian Michaels.

This article is to motivate people to lose weight, but when I think about my job situation, my aspiration to be a novelist and clawing my way out of the rest of my debt – this is really darn timely.

I’d let Jillian Michaels kick my arse any day of the week.

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1 thought on “Read this …

  1. That short little article helped me, too. I just got the 4th rejection for a job position that I really want, and I’ve started to get discouraged that maybe I’m not cut out for that job….that maybe I should stay at my current position. But like Jillian says, “Why not me?” I can have that job, but I also have to stay true to myself and not conform to just get a job because then I’ll probably end up hating it, right? Thanks for the post!

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