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What’s Your Best Garage Sale Buy?

Garage sales and finding good deals are in my blood – my grandpa was an auctioneer, my parents are rabid when it comes to garage sales and I’ve always enjoyed finding nifty things for less than I would buy them in a store.

One of the unfortunate things about working on weekend mornings is that I’ve lost about two years worth of Saturday morning garage sales, but I’m still remembering the good times – the wooden quilt rack that I bought for $2, the purple juice glasses that I found at a garage sale in my old college town, the huge painting that I found for $1 that looked like a Tuscan landscape and made it through three moves with me until it was retired.

Not that everything I have found has been useless “stuff.” I’ve been lucky a few times for clothing and cooking stuff. I also like buying books when I’m at garage sales.

So what about the rest of you? What’s your best garage sale finds?

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4 thoughts on “What’s Your Best Garage Sale Buy?

  1. Every find is important. Right now, our prize is the Dora bookbag Katie bought with 2.00 of her earned money last Thursday. For Will it’s the spiderman motorcycle he found at the same sale. For me? Well I do like garage sale jeans. Taking a chance on 1.00 pair of jeans is easier to swallow than $40…even if I only wear then a few times. Jusy got the kids each a pair of snow boots, new coats and snowpants…all for under $8.00. I got my crockpot for a few bucks 8 years ago. Still use it weekly. I love garage sales. I could go on and on…

  2. I am not a huge garage saler. (Though I certainly see the benefits if you have the time).

    BUT, my neighbor was selling paint pretty much the color we were looking for, for my son’s room. We spent like $1 on top quality paint for the room. Definitely our best deal.

  3. I’ve been a yard sale devotee for years, and it’s a big reason why we can live basically on one income. Other than groceries–okay, and plants, my weakness!–we rarely shop in stores. We have wardrobes that include Armani, Liz Claiborne, Talbots, Jones New York etc., cool vintage furniture, high end appliances like my Cuisinart food processor that cost $8–and was new in the box. Can’t beat it!

  4. Not a big garage sale guy. I prefer the thrift stores. Haven’t been to one in a while, but did come across some real gems over the years. Although I’m not a religious guy, I bought a bible that was printed in 1791 for $2 that had a woman’s name written in quill pen at the beginning. Found a 1st edition copy of Ben Hur and bought it for $1. Quite a few other old books (mostly from the 19th Century) were similarly bought for a $1. Good times!

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